The Americans: “Cho chweet”

America should now get the accolade of being the sweetest nation in the world.

You might be wondering as to why I am making such a statement.

One cannot call America as the largest producer of sugar in the world.

Secondly, Americans do not qualify as the best glib talkers in the world.

On the contrary, an average American does not shy away from being as blunt as possible.

Therefore, how does one give the accolade of being the sweetest country to America?

What is the secret?

The secret lies in the composition of the average American breakfast.

You will find a generous helping of sugar coated foods in the breakfast at a normal American restaurant. You will find the following items in an American breakfast.



We shall now have a match between the breakfast and the dessert with the composition of sugar being the qualifying factor.

Breakfast in the USA:

  • Dunkin Donuts: With 46 grams of sugar going into the preparation of one donut, it would be enough to give a sweet tooth to anybody.
  • Yogurt: No breakfast of an American is complete without a generous helping of the yogurt. With 15 grams of sugar going into one cup, this is just about half the daily recommended requirement of sugar for an average American.
  • IHOP cheese pancake: Pancakes are the favorite of every American. It forms an ingredient part of the everyday breakfast of an American.
  • Oats and Honey Granola: Oats are very good for health. With a composition involving 26 grams of sugar, the local American should have a sweet tongue.
  • Granola bars and peanuts: This is a salty dish by name. However, this dish contains 12 grams of sugar too.

In total, you would have the average American having 158 grams of sugar in a single breakfast. In any other country, this would have been part of a dessert. Let us now see what a dessert comprises of in the USA.

Dessert in the USA:

  • Vanilla buttercream cupcake: You compare this with the donuts and find that the cupcake has less sugar that the donut.
  • Vanilla ice cream: Usually, you expect an ice cream to have more sugar than a yogurt. You will have the shock of the life when you find that the ice cream has less sugar than the yogurt.
  • Cheesecake: The corresponding item on the breakfast side has more sugar than the cheesecake.
  • Cookies: The cookie with about 23 grams of sugar is a common dessert item. However, it fares poorly when compared to the oats and the honey granola.
  • Candy bar: This is the only corresponding food on the dessert side that scores over its corresponding one on the breakfast side.

With a total of just 136 grams, the dessert loses miserably to the breakfast as far as the composition of sugar is concerned.

In this football match, the dessert has been outclassed 4 goals to 1. This would count as one of the most humiliating defeats every.


Now, you should understand why the American should be the sweetest person on the Earth.


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