10 Healthy Meals on a Budget to Lose Weight

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We all know losing fat can be a costly endeavor. People consider different strategies; they buy nutritional supplements and weight loss formulas and follow different exercises and diet regimes to shed those extra pounds.

After trying various expensive weight loss “miracles,” they either get minimal or no outcome. How about losing weight without spending a fortune? Yes, healthy meals made of wholesome and affordable ingredients can help you lose weight on a budget.

Below we offer you our top healthy meals on a budget to lose weight quickly and affordably. These ten weight loss recipes are easy to prepare, and their ingredients are also available at a budget-friendly cost.

What Are The Things to Keep in Mind When Losing Weight?

Weight loss revolves around only two main factors:

  1. How many calories do you consume
  2. How many calories do you expend

The fastest way to drop weight is to restrict your daily calorie intake by following a low-calorie diet plan, like Nutrisystem. You can lose approximately one pound of weight every week by cutting 500 calories from your diet daily. However, it varies based on the person’s activity level, gender, and other factors.

10 Healthy Meals On A Budget to Lose Weight

10 healthy meals on a budget to lose weight

Listed below are ten healthy homemade meals that are both budget-friendly and low in calories. The best part is that there isn’t much effort to cook them.

1. Burrito Bowls Made With Roasted Butternut Squash

A grain bowl is one of the cheapest lunches you can take to work. Packing these quick and easy meals is also convenient since you can use any grains and vegetables left over from dinner.

Bento boxes are perfect for storing brown rice, citrus-scented beans, butternut squash, and toppings separately. During lunchtime, assemble everything in a large bowl so that you can eat quickly.

2. Turkish Cabbage Asian Bowl

Nothing is healthier, more filling, and cheaper than ground turkey and shredded cabbage! Turkey Cabbage Asian Bowls are a great alternative to takeout, and they’re cheaper and healthier than ready-made food. This quick and cheap recipe may be the perfect choice for those who are quite busy with their daily routine. It is also low-carb and keto friendly.

3. Chickpea and Freekeh Salad

Freekeh is an edible grain from Middle Eastern countries boasting high fiber, iron, and magnesium content. Combine it with canned beans to create a lettuce-free, make-ahead salad that is economical and easy to prepare. The aroma of medicinal herbs, spicy salami, and salty feta cheese permeates every bite of this dish.

4. Noodles and Teriyaki Chicken in One Pot

It is one of the best healthy meals on a budget to lose weight. The meal serves up to six persons, and you can use the leftovers the next day. You can also try different vegetables if you do not like the one recommended in the recipe. You can also omit the fresh ginger entirely, and the meal will still taste delicious.

5. Tortilla Pie

You can prepare a delicious, satisfying meal within thirty minutes with this simple lasagna recipe. If you do not have any reduced-fat ricotta cheese on hand, you can substitute low-fat cottage cheese for it.

Take into account the calories contained in the brand of whole wheat tortillas you choose. Please be aware that this can vary even with a similar tortilla size. In case you are not fond of cilantro’s taste, you may also omit it from the recipe.

6. Parsley Parmesan Pasta

It is still possible to drop weight by eating pasta in moderation. This healthy and quick pasta dish takes just 15 minutes to prepare and is inexpensive. To make this diet-friendly pasta even more weight-loss-friendly, swap the regular pasta with whole wheat. Whole wheat contains a higher fiber level and nutrients than white flour.

Besides, add a small chicken breast and a side salad for a complete weight-loss meal on a budget.

7. Simple Green Salad

Green salad is a trendy diet because it is not very calorie-dense. Instead, it is a relatively simple and inexpensive recipe. Make a large salad by chopping some spinach and adding carrots, cauliflower, and a little dressing. Yes, it is that straightforward!

8. Chicken salad

Another salad you can consume to lose weight is chicken salad. This recipe is quite simple to make and use in various ways. There are approximately 270 calories in a boneless, skinless chicken breast of average size.

Use that as the base of your chicken salad by chopping it up. Add a half cup of chopped carrots and a couple of cups of spinach. Afterward, put some chopped broccoli and Roma tomatoes. Last but not least, add two tablespoons of light vinaigrette salad dressing.

For a balanced meal, combine it with a medium-sized fruit to ensure that you maintain the recommended calorie intake.

9. Taco Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

There’s no better cheap food for weight loss than sweet potatoes. They are also one of the healthiest foods you can consume because they contain fiber and beta-carotene in high quantities. You can enjoy this colorful sweet potato dish for just $2.50 per serving, which is a great deal.

You can prepare this healthy and affordable meal outside a busy schedule in no time. It is possible to leave out the guacamole if avocados are too expensive. You may also add a little ground beef to the recipe to get an extra boost of protein.

10. Pakistani Keema Beef Curry

Ground beef is an affordable choice among the best proteins for weight loss. This healthy curry recipe has many cheap ingredients, such as canned tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and peas. Omit turmeric to make the meal even more budget-friendly. However, keep in mind turmeric has a lot of benefits and is worth an inclusion in this meal.

Final Thoughts

Budget constraints shouldn’t prevent you from losing weight and living a fulfilling life. Stop buying expensive meals & weight loss plans, and make sensible choices by preparing budget-friendly meals at home. Check our ten healthy meals on a budget to lose weight. They will surely help you shed those extra pounds you have always wanted in a cost-effective way.

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