The Three Gymnastics Mats for Home to Get in 2023

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It’s time to jump, twist, turn and vault (again)! Gymnastics and all hobbies closely linked to it are fun and exciting for people of all ages and skill levels. Depending on the type of gymnastics you prefer, there are various equipment you need. However, there’s one piece of equipment that all gymnasts need regardless of their preferred choice of gymnastics and that is a gymnastics mat.

Which is exactly why we’ve decided to list the top 3 home gymnastics mats in this article! However, if you already know what your cup of tea is and prefer looking to explore gymnastics mats for sale, please visit for some high-quality items. But now, it’s time to see what type of mats you should get for your home practices.

top 3 home gymnastics mats for 2023 comprehensive buying guide

Factors to Consider When Choosing Gymnastic Mats

As you may be aware of it already, there are numerous different types of gymnastics mats available for home use. Some are traditionally shaped while others may have square or even a round shape. The materials and feeling of each product also varies. Some allow you to customize how the mat feels while others are designed for small spaces and traveling. However, these things are always relevant to consider:

  • How much space do I need?
  • Do I want a regular or inflatable mat?
  • Does the mat have the features I need?
  • What is the warranty on a given manufacturer’s mat?
  • What is the gymnastics mat made out of?

Other questions regarding, for instance, the design, may also be relevant to you. Add those points to your list of questions to ask when comparing these products against each other.

Type 1: Regular Gymnastics Mats

A bit obvious, yet a solid choice. A basic gymnastics mat for home is a stable piece that will last you for years to come (at least if taken care of). You really cannot go wrong with it as it is designed specifically for gymnastics purposes. Fold it open to wherever you want, do your practice and fold it back.

A good home gymnastics mat is firm enough to give you support yet soft enough to lessen the impact of a hard landing. Compare the options and see what type of gymnastics mat is the best for you.

Type 2: Airtracks

Airtracks – they are everywhere! At least if you ask any gymnastics buddy. These inflatable mats are the new gymnastics mat in both home and professional settings. Suitable even for water activities, Airtracks provides nice landings and a sturdy platform to practice on. Modifications to the softness can be made simply by adjusting the amount of air in it.

If you plan to hop on the Airtrack wagon and get one, there’s a few things to consider:

  1. What shape of an Airtrack do you want? The biggest Airtrack home gymnastics mats require a ton of space, while the smallest rounds and cubes are designed specifically for balancing-related moves and workouts.
  2. Are the seams handmade? Handmade seams are known to be more durable compared to machine-made ones.
  3. What kind of design or color do you prefer? There’s a bunch of different Airtracks in different colors and styles. Make sure to see several options before picking the right one.

Fun for each and everyone, Airtracks are a multipurpose platform for gymnastics and tricking. Play with it indoors or take it outside for some fun summer exercise!

Type 3: Crash Mats

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level? In that case, a crash mat could be for you. If you have been looking for gymnastics mats for sale and you haven’t found anything yet, chances are you have no idea these were called crash mats.

Coming usually in both foldable and unfoldable models, the crush mat is made for those who want to expand skills and help themselves in development of vaults, tricks and routines. While crash mats are mostly used by intermediate and advanced gymnasts and trickers, it doesn’t hurt (it’s a joke, right) to have one as a beginner either.

The purpose of a crash mat is to be there for you when you are uncertain of the landing or your friend sees that the landing may fail. Crash mat literally softens ‘the crash’, giving you that extra confidence for practicing without compromising on safety. Quite a smart solution!

What’s your Gymnastics Mat Choice for the year 2023?

It goes without saying, but there you go! We’ve browsed through various gymnastics mats you can use at home in 2023. In all honesty, it’s all about finding the perfect fit, whether you prefer a regular mat, an Airtrack mat, or a crash mat. See what your options are, give feedback and find out which one is your gymnastics mat choice in 2023. Prepare yourself for a world of fun and excitement with home gymnastics!Copy textCopy HTML

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