Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper Diet Plan For Weight Loss

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Cayenne Pepper diet has gained popularity much because it is effective in weight loss. This diet is also known as Master Cleanse or Lemonade detox diet.

​Losing weight naturally is what everyone looks for. I am also one of you who wanted to lose weight naturally, without taking any synthetic supplements.

I say that the Cayenne Pepper diet is effective because I have tried it myself and seen the results. But, this diet will not suit every one of you. It is very subjective and also depends on your body type.

What is Cayenne Pepper Diet?​

You must be wondering what Cayenne Pepper Diet means. A weight-loss diet plan where one of the most important things is Cayenne Pepper.

Now, there are various ways you can follow this diet. Some people go for Master Cleanse with lemon and Maple Syrup, and some people do it with apple cider vinegar.

The desired effect of the diet is the same, while the ingredients with Cayenne Pepper might differ. I will give you the recipe for both diets here in the next section.

Cayenne Pepper Diet Recipe​s

As I have mentioned earlier, you can follow the diet in two ways: Lemon and Maple Syrup, and the other are with Apple Cider Vinegar.

The objective of the diet plan is to lose weight with the help of Cayenne Pepper majorly. Cayenne Pepper can help you lose weight naturally.

The Capsaicin in the Cayenne Peppers is responsible for burning more fat in your body and curbing the appetite.

Detoxification is a major step in the process of weight loss. Cayenne Pepper can detox your body very well.

When you eat Cayenne Pepper, your body heats up, and this makes you sweat. It is one way of detoxification of the body. Moving on to the recipes of the two, have a look below:

1. Master Cleanse Recipe  – Cayenne Pepper Diet with Lemon and Maple Syrup​

Cayenne Pepper diet is known as the master cleanse, as it detoxes your body completely. In this diet, there are three types of liquids that you need to take apart from water.

One is the special lemonade, the second is the saltwater, the third is a laxative tea, and the fourth is water. I will tell you about the plan, and how to take all these liquids, in detail.

Stanley Burroughs first introduced this diet in 1940. He discovered the effectiveness of this healing liquid and its ability to lose weight.

Part 1 – The Special Lemonade From Cayenne Pepper

To make the special lemonade, follow the instructions below:


  • Fresh Lemons to squeeze
  • Grade B Maple Syrup
  • Cayenne Pepper Powder
  • Warm Water


  • Take fresh lemons and juice them by squeezing
  • Take two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Add this to 8 – 10 ounces of purified water
  • Add two tablespoons of Grade B Maple Syrup
  • Take 1/10 teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper powder or more if you are comfortable and used to Cayenne Pepper.
  • Mix all this well

Increase or decrease the quantity of the ingredients according to your need. Take the ingredients as per the recommended ratio.

Lemonade is beneficial for your body in many ways. The Cayenne Pepper helps curb your appetite, dissolve fat, and increase your body’s metabolism.

Lemon is an antioxidant. It helps in flushing all the toxins out of your body. The Vitamin C in lemons helps to boost your immune system.

The Grade B Maple Syrup is unprocessed sugar syrup. It prevents your body from gaining fat. Do not use processed sugar or preserved sugar syrups for this diet.​

Part 2 – The Salt Water Flush

To make the salt water flush, refer to the details below:​


  • Two teaspoons of non-iodized salt
  • A full quarter of warm water


  • Take full quarter warm water
  • Add two teaspoons of non-iodized salt to it
  • Mix well

Saltwater is good to flush your system in the morning. It is the reason why it is recommended to take it in the morning before eating anything else.

Part 3 – The Herbal Laxative Tea​

First, let me tell you what a laxative tea is! The word laxative means something that helps to clear your bowel. A laxative is used to cure constipation and flush the system.​

Herbal laxative tea is a laxative tea made out of a herb. For example, peppermint tea or green tea will come under the category of herbal laxative tea. You can prepare the green tea at home.

Master Cleanse Cayenne Pepper Diet Instructions and Plan

Every diet that you follow for weight loss has a recommended dose and plan. There is a set plan for Cayenne Pepper Diet too.

It is a 10-day diet plan, which is meant to cleanse your whole body and detoxify it. People also do it for 14 days. But, do not stretch it for more than 14 days.

Diet Plan​

  • The lemon and maple syrup drink is recommended to be taken 6 to 8 times a day.
  • You can take herbal laxative tea throughout the day when you feel nauseatic or uncomfortable because of the diet.
  • Before sleeping at night, take the herbal laxative tea.
  • In the morning, take saltwater empty stomach.
  • You can drink as much water as you want on this diet.
  • Whenever you feel hungry, have the lemon and maple syrup drink to curb your hunger.


  • Take fresh and organic lemons if possible.
  • Minimum 6 and maximum 12 glasses of lemon and maple syrup drink you should take.
  • Keep washing your face in regular intervals because the skin will be flushing out toxins, and there are chances of breakouts.
  • Make the drink and have it fresh rather than storing it in the fridge.
  • Do not eat fruits and vegetables or any dairy products during the diet.
  • To come out of the Cayenne Pepper Diet, you need to follow certain things.
  • After completing the diet, do not start eating, as usual, all of a sudden.
  • Start taking fresh orange juice for the first day.
  • The second day after the completion of your diet, you can have fruit and vegetable juices. Also, you can eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Third day onwards, start eating as usual.

Cayenne Pepper Diet Results and Review

The master cleanses diet enables you to lose weight considerably. Only this is it should suit your body. Some people who suffer from acidity or gastric problems might not find this diet helpful.

I did the diet for ten days and noticed a decrease in my body fat. I started to look not only slim but also younger. The diet cleanses your body from the inside and also makes it free from all toxins.

I could feel the difference after I completed the ten days of the diet. I started feeling light and energetic. But, you need to make sure to eat healthily after the diet.

However, completing the master cleanse is not so easy as it seems. Here are some of the Pros and Cons of the Cayenne Pepper Diet:


  • Weight loss
  • It makes you feel and look young
  • Provides energy to your body
  • Detoxification


  • It might upset your stomach
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Low energy
  • The decline in the body metabolism once you resume your normal diet
  • High chances of dehydration because of the saltwater intake
  • The diet lacks essential nutrients and makes your body starve
  • People who are unwell, weak, or suffering from the diseases like Diabetes should avoid this diet. Pregnant women and breastfeeding women should also not try the Cayenne Pepper Diet.

Remember to keep drinking a lot of water and keep your body hydrated. But if at any point in time, you feel dizzy, stop the diet then and there. You should know the capacity of your body and not over-stretch it.

There are other alternatives to the master cleanse, but people follow this one widely because it works. It is always better to take your physician’s advice before trying any such thing.

If you find this article helpful, do share your thoughts here in the comments below. Your friends and family will also like to read about this popular way of losing weight, do not forget to share this article with them.​

Recipe 2 – Cayenne Pepper Diet with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an old recipe for maintaining good health. It has gained much popularity lately because of its weight loss benefit.

Apple Cider Vinegar is believed to reduce the glycemic index of food. This way, it reduces the appetite and also prevents fat deposition in your body.

Apart from the weight loss, Apple Cider Vinegar has other benefits as well. It is a topical remedy for skin problems like acne.

Some people also use it to rinse their hair, as it gives your hair a natural luster. The acidic nature of Apple Cider Vinegar makes it a powerful disinfectant.

People prefer Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss because it reduces the fat content in your body and provides the body with energy.

To make the Apple Cider Vinegar drink at home, for weight loss, you will need:


  • Four tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • One teaspoon cinnamon powder
  • Pinch of Cayenne Pepper
  • Four tablespoons of Lemon Juice
  • Two glasses of Water
  • Four tablespoons of raw
  • Honey


  • Take two glasses of water and boil it
  • Add Cinnamon powder, Cayenne powder, lemon juice, and mix them in warm water.
  • Now add apple cider vinegar to the mixture
  • Mix well
  • Add honey when the mixture is almost cool
  • Mix well

You can either have this drink full or keep it stored for further use. If you wish to keep it for your future use, take an airtight container and store the whole thing in the fridge.

This way, your drink will be ready in front of you anytime. But, it is always better to have the freshly prepared Apple Cider Vinegar drink for weight loss.

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