Trying to lose weight in a hurry can be a lot more challenging than most people make it out to be, which is why you need to be 100% sure that you’re always taking advantage of the best solutions available on the market to give you every edge and every advantage possible to lose fat once and for all.

Meal replacement shakes like the IsaLean Shake and the shakes from Herbalife have proven to be amazingly effective at helping folks drop quite a bit of weight in a hurry.

The kind of meal replacement shakes that not only give you the nutrients you need to fuel your body, but also the kinds of shakes that are going to curb your appetite and help you fight cravings.

The odds are pretty good that you have settled on moving forward with one of these two amazing products, but how do you know which one is best for your specific needs?

CompareCaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Fat (g)Price
Isalean Shake24024245Check Price
Herbalife Formula 1909131Check Price

The IsaLean Shake​

The first thing that you’re going to notice about the IsaLean Shake solutions out there is that they are 100% whey protein-based products.

This is a tremendously efficient protein that is going to be rapidly absorbed in your body, and it’s going to work to fill you up while at the same time providing your muscles with everything they need to recuperate and recover faster.

You’re also going to find this meal replacement shake to be loaded with more vitamins, more minerals, and more nutrients than the Herbalife solution – helping you feel full longer, energized, and able to tackle the day in front of you without any of the lethargy or fatigue you might have been fighting through previously.

​At the same time, you’re also going to be pretty shocked at just how much more money you have to pay to take advantage of the same amount of IsaLean Shakes. It’s almost 3 times more expensive than the Herbalife product, and you’re going to need to break down whether or not this solution fits your budget.

To learn more about this shake, visit my IsaLean Shake review.​

You should also know that Isagenix has prepared 9 day cleanse and 30 day cleanseprograms for easier weight loss achievements and detoxification.

The Herbalife Formula 1 Shake​

Even though the Herbalife shakes aren’t quite as rich with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients as the Shake options mentioned above, they do take advantage of a soy-based protein instead of the whey-based protein – and that’s a big deal for those that have allergies to animal products.

This soy-based protein is also powerfully effective at curbing your appetite and gives you everything you need to rebuild your muscles and maintain high energy levels, but it also allows the folks at Herbalife to produce these shakes much more inexpensivelyand pass the savings along to you as the consumer.

Some have mentioned that the Herbalife products are a lot tastier than the IsaLean Shakes out there, so your mileage may vary!

To learn more about this shake, visit my Herbalife Formula 1 Shake review.​

Now let’s dig deeply into comparison: IsaLean Shake VS. Herbalife Formula 1 Shake.​

Complete Comparison: Isagenix vs Herbalife

IsaLean ShakeHerbalife Formula 1
Review LinkIsaLean Shake By Isagenix ReviewHerbalife Formula 1 Review
FlavorsCreamy French Vanilla, Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Black Sesame, Kosher Natural Creamy VanillaFrench Vanilla, Dulce de Leche, Pumpkin Spice, Orange Cream, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla (Allergen Free), Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry, Cookies ‘m Cream, Pina Colada, Cafe Latte, Kosher Vanilla

Price & Servings

PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon


Gluten FreeYesYes
Dairy FreeNo (But Available)No
Soy FreeYesNo

Macro Nutrition Facts

Saturated Fat20
Souce of FatOlive oil, sunflower seed oil, flax seed oil, coconut oilCanola Oil, medium-chain triglycerides
Carbs/Sugar (g)24/1113/9
Source of SugarFructoseFructose
Source of ProteinWhey Protein, Milk ProteinSoy Protein
Artificial SweetnenersNoNo
Artificial FlavorsNoYes
Nutrition LabelIsagenix Isalean Nutrition FactsHerbalife Formula 1 Nutrition Facts

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A50%25%
Vitamin C40%25%
Vitamin D2%25%
Vitamin E80%25%
Vitamin B660%25%
Vitamin B12200%25%
Pantothenic Acid40%30%

The above table shows percentage of daily intake for Vitamins & Minerals based on 2000 calorie diet.

Which one has better hunger blockers Isagenix or Herbalife?

IsaLean Shake

  • As a hunger blocker, the shakes use chromium and 8g of fiber.
  • The results are pretty good. The shake filled me up, but it didn’t keep me as full as some of the other shakes that I have tried in the past.
  • A couple of times after I drank a shake, I ended up eating a small snack within a couple of hours to get me through to my next meal.
  • So, it definitely wasn’t the best hunger blocker, but it wasn’t the worst either.
  • You can expect for it to keep you full for around 2 hours.

Herbalife Formula 1

  • Honestly, this just doesn’t do it.
  • The shake has 3-4 grams of fiber per serving, and that’s not enough.
  • It’s not so much a “shake” as it is a “milk flavoring packet.”
  • Primarily, it filled me up to the same extent a 6oz. A cup of milk does.
  • If you plan to use these shakes as a meal replacement, you will need to add some berries or anything else you can find to it.
  • Otherwise, it’s barely more than a snack.

Which one has more nutrients Isagenix or Herbalife?

IsaLean Shake

  • Before anyone gets upset about my rating, let me explain myself. These shakes are nutritious.
  • I rate nutrition in regards to how it impacts weight loss as a meal replacement option, not as a protein shake. The shake has a proper balance of minerals and vitamins (ranging from 30% to 150% of your daily intake). Plus 8 grams of fiber is pretty impressive.
  • If you want to get the best use of the 24 grams of protein, you are going to have to combine exercise with this shake. This much protein is the reason these shakes contain such a high number of calories.
  • Keep in mind that if a protein is not processed by the body, it will be stored as fat. Unless you are into strenuous workouts or heavy weightlifting, this amount of protein is probably going to be too much for you.
  • Typically, you want 12 to 18 grams of protein per meal. (Women stay at the lower end and men to the higher end.) Isagenix IsaLean Shakes have 11 grams of sugar in each serving, which is a tad higher than I like too. Of course, the old formula had even more sugar than this, so it’s a pretty good improvement.

Herbalife Formula 1

  • While the shake is low in calories, which is great, it lacks pretty much everything else.
  • They only contain around 25% of your RDI of minerals and vitamins, which isn’t horrible, but it isn’t all that great either.
  • Plus, the 9 grams of protein is a tad low while the 9 grams of sugar per shake is a bit high.
  • So, it’s not horrible on nutrients, but it doesn’t come close to some of the other shakes I have reviewed.

Which one is more tasteful Isagenix or Herbalife?

IsaLean Shake

  • With higher amounts of sugar, you are going to get a better tasting product, so I was quite impressed with the taste of the Creamy Dutch Chocolate shake.
  • However, the high amount of protein resulted in that unavoidable “protein drink aftertaste” that nobody cares for.
  • All in all, though, the shakes are pretty good. After trying the new reformulated Isalean Pro shakes, I realized that they have gotten better and moved up in the rankings.

Herbalife Formula 1

  • When you are talking about shakes, there are only two flavor choices.
  • They can be packed with sugar (as of lately, around 16 grams per serving has been the norm for a tasty shake) or they can use a tiny amount of a 0 calories sweetener, such as Sucralose.
  • Herbalife opted to take the middle road and use a small amount of real sugar. The taste suffers as a result.
  • Keep in mind that I referred to the shakes as “milk flavoring packets” earlier, but honestly that was a bit generous.
  • The shakes I tried were both vanilla flavored, but that’s not quite what they were.
  • The taste was more like milk with a “vitamin-y” aftertaste. When I tried the Allergen Free, it was even worse. To be honest, it was pretty bad.

Which one has better value Isagenix or Herbalife?

IsaLean Shake

  • For a 14 day supply of Isagenix shakes, you will spend around $52.
  • Each shake ends up costing you about $3.71.
  • For me, the biggest issue with these shakes has always been the high cost. Sure, they are good, but not everyone can afford them.
  • Now, you can become a part of their MLM program and get shakes that cost slightly less than $3 per serving if you’re planning on selling them to family and friends.

Herbalife Formula 1

  • For a 30 serving tub, you only spend $35, making each shake an extremely affordable $1.17 per shake. That’s an incredible value!
  • Keep in mind that I didn’t make my purchase through the official website. Instead, I went over to Amazon and bought them a la carte.

Final Verdict: Isalean vs Herbalife​

At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the perfect protein and meal replacement solution for your specific needs.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use all of the inside information we share above to tackle your fitness and weight loss journey!

Please share your experience with these to shakes below in comments sections.​