A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to try a more low carb diet. I had heard some of my friends talk about how much decreasing their carbs and upping their protein improved their health.

I slowly started getting rid of the carbs in my diet and replacing them with more protein. I also started working out. I knew that I was not getting the protein I needed and I was missing out on some pretty important nutrients.

I decided I needed to find a low carb meal replacement shake to supplement my diet.​

If you are looking meal replacements that have low carbohydrate nutrients inside or you are on low carb diets (such as Atkins or Keto) then low carb meal replacement shakes bellow will be a perfect choice for you.

Low Carb Shakes come in powder or liquid package and form. I will review, compare and present you the best one I have tried for weight loss.

Top Low Carb Meal Replacement Shakes​

Low Carb Shake


Atkins Shake


Isopure Protein


EAS Myoplex Protein Packets


1. Atkins Shake Review – Best Low Carb Shake Award

Atkins ShakeAtkins Ready to Drink Shake is a low carb meal replacement shake with 15 grams of protein and only 160 calories.

It also includes a lot of the vitamins needed to support a healthy lifestyle such as Vitamin A, C, D, E, and calcium. The added vitamins and minerals in addition to the 2 net carbs per shake, made me decide that I needed to give this shake a try.

I am so happy that I ordered it. It has been a lifesaver on busy mornings and when I workout. So many protein shakes out there have so many carbs and since having a low carbs diet has been proven to help you lose weight, increase muscle and stamina, mitigate healthy issues like acid reflux and digestion problems and more, I knew I wanted to try it.

I’ve already lost 20 pounds on a low carb lifestyle! It has honestly changed my life and these shakes are a big part of my success.


These Atkins Shakes has a lot of positives. Making them part of my daily calorie intake means that I get the protein I need in an easy to grab a container.

I keep mine in the fridge, so they are ready to go when I need them for the gym.

I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, and these shakes are sweet enough that I feel like I am getting a little bit of a treat, but it’s good for me! Obviously, as with any weight loss plan, you have to focus on calories in being less than calories out.

So you have to make sure to work these into your diet.

For me, I use these to replace breakfast. I usually don’t feel like waking up and making breakfast first thing, so these help me get the nutrition I need early in the morning.​


As far as cons, there aren’t any for me. Sometimes, if I forget to shake them before I drink them, they can be a little chalky tasting. But other than that, these have been a great solution for me. If you have an artificial sugar sensitivity, you may have a little bit of reaction to these since it uses sucralose, so that is good to keep in mind.


Overall, the Atkins Ready to Drink Shake in Creamy Chocolate has been a total game changer for my health. If you are looking for a low carb meal replacement shake, I highly recommend that you try these!

2. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder Review – Best High Protein Low Carb Shake

Isopure Protein Shake
This product is designed and created for people who want to replace meals that are high in carbs, want to lose weight, want to gain body mass, and for body builders.

Isopure low carbs meal replacement shake gives the basic protein energy required for proper functioning of body and mind while reducing intake of carbs and fats.

It is a great meal replacement for powerful people, athletes, and body builders. It is a great after workout instant supplement for energy surge and boosts needed by athletes and body builders.​

What’s inside?​

Isopure low carb meal replacement shake contain 42 grams of 100% pure whey protein isolate.

It contains about 210 calories, 10gms of carbs, good glutamine, minerals, and vitamins. Whey protein isolate if a protein extracted from whey, found in cheese making process.

It is highly absorbed able and amino acid rich protein source.

This shake can replace a complete meal with its protein composition that provides energy and calories for performing well and keeps you from starving.

One box of Isopure low carb meal replacement shake contains 10, 20 or more packets.


  • Isopure low carb meal replacement shake is useful for weight loss and cutting down carbohydrates and fats from your meal.
  • It is a great source of energy for body builders, and trainers who need protein diets and proteins shake.
  • Isopure provides 100% pure protein source and is also a great protein supplement for vegetarians and people who have low protein diets.
  • It has protein composition that gives the required proteins for a healthy mind and body.
  • It is a portable and instant protein shake that can be used while traveling, in the office or when you can not get a proper meal.


  • It does not have any added preservatives.
  • It keeps hunger at bay for about 4 hours.
  • It is sugar-free and lactose-free.
  • It is available in many different flavors like chocolate, strawberries, cream, etc.
  • Due to the presence of minerals and vitamins, the solution and shake may appear cloudy if stirred with a spoon.
  • It contains a less percentage of minerals and vitamins needed for the healthy body.
  • It requires being shaken in a blender for smooth consistency shake.
  • It doesn’t contain complete nutrition.
  • It is not a great option if used alone for weight loss.


Isopure low carb meal replacement shake is a great instant energy source for people on the go, body builders and people with weight loss goals.

It can cause a problem in drinking due to its cloudy or too thick consistency if not stirred properly.

You might find flavors a bit off or have a specific liking or dislike to certain flavors.

. It is a great meal replacement option, and an instant energy drink with zero sugar added and is great as protein shakes. You can also gain benefits and have a healthy lifestyle.

3. EAS Myoplex Ketogenic Powder Packets Review

Eas Protein PacketsOnce you are on a diet and using the keto meal plan, this product is just what you need whenever you have a need to have a snack in addition to your meal.

It also serves as a meal replacement whenever you have an urgent reason to skip a meal.


This meal replacement powder remains true to a ketogenic diet’s foundation. This is achieved by having calories from fat making up 75 percent of its content. The other contents are calories from protein and carbohydrate which have 20 percent and 5 percent respectively.

Being the perfect support for those on a ketogenic diet, it helps in reducing the breakdown of muscle protein typically associated with exercising. As a snack, it’s delicious dessert flavors will leave you well satisfied and full.

This meal replacement shake comes with Creatine and Protein blend when you order it.

It is only meant for you who is on a ketogenic diet. So, whenever you are on the go, you can quickly take this and be full while enjoying all the ingredients contained in a keto diet. This way you will not be missing anything. If you are not on a keto diet and only want to take it because of its taste or as a replacement for your normal meal, it is not meant for you.


  • HMB: The benefit provided by this nutrient plays a huge role in reducing how your muscle protein breaks down when you exercise. It achieves this by assisting your body in the rapid production of energy.
  • Dessert flavors: It offers you the benefit of a good taste to give you the satisfaction you need as you take it on the go. It comes in two flavors of cinnamon bun and strawberry banana.
  • Nutrients ratio: Taken as a snack or meal replacement, you get all the benefit associated with a ketogenic diet. This is because it has calories from fat, protein, and carbohydrates at the ratio of 75 percent, 20 percent, and 5 percent respectively.


  • It prevents muscle protein breakdown.
  • It can be used as a meal replacement.
  • It comes with Creatine and Protein Blend.
  • It has two flavors.
  • It has a balanced ratio of nutrients.


  • It is hard to get smooth.
  • Not everyone likes the two available flavors.
  • It has whey protein that spikes insulin.


There are times when you are in a hurry and may have to skip either of breakfast or lunch. You will need to replace your skipped meal while on the go with a snack probably to help fill you. There is also the need to prevent your muscle proteins breaking down when you exercise while on a diet.

These problems are solved with this meal replacement shake. First, as a replacement meal, you find that you are filled and satisfied at the same time’ You will not even notice that you skipped a meal. Second, it helps your body in producing energy when you exercise so you do not have to burn your muscle proteins. Third, it gives you the nutrients you need which makes it the best support for a ketogenic diet.