Health is wealth, is it not? The truth is, the capacity of an individual to stay healthy depends on the attitude he has towards it. The realization he follows to make sure that he stays healthy does so much on how he achieves his goals.

Paleo diet has long made an impression on those who have health goals and have particular dietary needs that make it hard for them to make particular nutritional decisions especially when it comes to what they are supposed to eat or drink. Paleo diet has helped these individuals a lot especially in retaining their healthful condition amidst all their dietary restrictions.

However, not everyone could prepare for the meal that Paleo Diet requires. Because of the extensive effectiveness of Paleo Diet to improve health, it has been realized that the need to create an easier way to take in such a healthy meal is a necessity especially for those well benefited by it.​

Is there any easier way but to have something so healthy in a pocket-full of powdered drink?​

If you are on Paleo diet then Paleo meal replacement shakes could be your saviour of time.

With bellow Paleo replacement meals you will intake proper and enough nutrients to support strong muscles, healthy bones and optimal body immune system.

Top Paleo Meal Replacement Shakes

You can compare the best Paleo meal replacements I have reviewed in bellow table:​

Paleo ShakeCaloriesProteinCarbs/SugarFat
Sunwarrior Blend10017g4g/0g1.5g
PaleoPro Protein Powder12025g2g/<1g<1g
PaleoMeal Powder11016g13g/2g2g

Sunwarrior Protein Blend Review

Sunwarrior Paleo Meal Shake
“Warrior Blend” is a product that creates the demonstrating definition of protein powders. It is a product which has shown its unparallel match in the field of rich protein as well as taste. It can also be said that it is an easily digestible superfood. Creating a better status among its users, It is a food good for anyone who wants to increase his/her health and fitness.

The warrior blend is a nutritious, plant-based protein which breaks through the coercion of other protein powders. It intends to create some great health effects by multiplying the benefits of several rich proteins, raw, and plant-based products and even the essential amino acids. This product, generally promises you to maintain your health and give extra benefits from the plants.

About Warrior Blend

Even it can be expected from the Warrior Blend that it creates an amazing blend of taste which is now rarely seen in such types of health building stocks. While purchasing the product, you can have full assurance of getting a complete guide for your path of achieving a great health.
Sunwarrior Paleo Meal Shake Ingredients
It can also be useful for body builders, weight losers, athletes, etc. Ordinarily, this is a star product for any human who needs some health benefits in his life. Someone who doesn’t want more benefits from protein should not use this product.​

Features and benefits of this product.

  • Healthy Ingredients: The most important feature that a healthy product must have is that it should contain a blend of healthy ingredients and great components. It could not be possible to create a healthy good without putting some fair quantity of robust products. The Warrior Blend performs good and elapses the test in this province.
  • Having unmatched amalgamation: Creating a healthy product may be a stiff task to perform, but organizing it with smooth and perfect taste can be the toughest obstacle to cross. But, “Warrior” creates a good status by giving a product of rich protein with fair taste. It is good for the “Warrior Blend” because imbibing a healthy drink with fun will put a cherry on the top.
  • Turns Back to Nature: One of the most important and basic features that it follows is that it creates a unique blend that turns towards the advantages of nature. Natural products may be the important things that we would be missing in our life. But this product would be the best solution to this problem.


  • It has best taste and flavors that a healthy stock can have.
  • Some people take a glance at the price tag and give up, but having this type of great taste with health benefits always put you in profit.
  • The best fact that could attract huge clients could be its natural ingredients. It contains 85% of natural ingredients, which is an amazing fact to know.


  • It might cause a problem by its texture when you are making a smoothie from it.
  • Maybe its cost worth the product but it loses some good clients only because of its price tag.
  • The stevia aftertaste of the product can also create a great problem for some consumers.


In the context, it could be said that it gives the solution to the health problems as the weight of a person or inferior stamina in the body. The weight of a person is one of the most common problems that a person faces. Warrior Blend could help you to lose your weight by its healthy ingredients.

Again, stamina could be a major obstacle for the career of athletes. But the product gives you the full assurance of your stamina by its healthy products like Yellow Peas, Goji Berries, etc. Therefore, It could be said that it is one of the best product in the field of health, right now. So, it is highly recommended to the health amplifier to buy this product.

PaleoPro Protein Powder Review

Paleopro Protein PowderPaleoPro Paleo Protein Powdered drink is considered as a sure fit for all Paleo diet needs. TO make sure everything meets expectations, it is important to take note of how the producers of this product have designed the drink and how much it meant to them to give only the best to expectant consumers.

The goal was to create something that was tasty amidst being healthy and packed in such a confined foil package. It also involves the process of making sure that apart from being powdered, none of the added ingredients lose their value especially about the nutrition and protein rate they are supposed to impart in the drink.

The process involves ingredients being separated through the use of water and spray. After which, each ingredient is mixed with the broth and subjected to highly pressured nozzle until they vaporize into tiny droplets. These droplets are immediately dried into powder particles ready for packing.

Through this process, everything is intact including the most complex nutritional value of each ingredient. To keep the taste and the quality of the powdered drink of high quality, no artificial sweeteners were used as part of the preparation process. Instead, safe choices of sweeteners, such as stevia were taken into consideration. Distinctively, for flavored choices of the drink, Dutch cocoa was used apart from the more artificial choices.
Paleopro Protein Powder Ingredients
As a result of all these efforts, the creation of a powdered drink that is easy on the stomach, great in taste and has easily digestible protein compounds was produced. Now anyone could get hold of something that is fit for their needs and would distinctively create a much healthier option of beverage that they could take in for better health.

With high-quality ingredients being air-dried, the value of the PaleoPro Paleo Powdered Protein drink is assured to make a great impact in one’s health. Anyone wanting to take a healthier option is now given a worthy choice take on the higher road of living better lives with stronger bodies and healthier minds.​

PaleoMeal Powder Review

Paleomeal PowderPaleoMeal Replacement Shake is designed for people who need support with maintaining GI and immune health. It is a great add to your diet and helps you with detoxification. However, it is mostly used to support weight management, especially in losing weight and gaining muscles. It will provide you with the optimal intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and fats that you need to maintain your general health and weight.

PaleoMeal Replacement Shake

PaleoMeal Replacement Shake is a nutrient-rich powdered supplement which tastes of chocolate. It’s part of your regular diet or a special diet regime (for people who are on a high protein low-carb diet or Paleo diet). It comes in a pack of 540 g which is enough for 15 servings. A spoon is included in the pack.

This product contains all the necessary proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals that represent an optimal daily intake of nutrients. It includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E, B complex, Folates, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Chromium, etc.
Optim Metabolic Protein Shake Ingredients
The main protein in this meal replacement shake is whey protein gained from cow milk. Whey protein in this shake is extracted from the milk of cows that graze on organic, non-GMO, pesticide and chemicals-free pastures in New Zealand.

Features & Benefits

  • Whey protein in the shake is instantiated with sunflower lecithin which makes this shake easily to dissolve in water. Additionally, it prevents foaming during blending. It will give a smooth texture to your shake, making it a perfect base for preparing healthy meals.
  • With this product, you will have an optimum intake of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals. This makes it a healthy meal replacement and helps you maintaining your immune system and general health.
  • For those who are following a strict diet plan as a part of their weight loss process, this shake would be a great choice because it supports high-protein low-carb diet plan. However, if you’re facing a stall after significant weight loss, you should consider supplementing your diet plan with whey protein. Although whey may affect your daily meal intake by slightly increasing calories, it will take you out of the stall and start losing your weight again.
  • It also helps in metabolism-healing and muscle-building process by providing you with essential amount of minerals and vitamins that will replenish your body after stressed workout routine. On the other hand, the proteins and fats from the shake will help you gain muscles and speed up your metabolism.
  • Because of the structure and combination of proteins, fats, carbs, vitamins and minerals, this product can have significant effects in helping your metabolism to release the toxins and other harmful by-products from your organism.


  • Easy to prepare
  • Doesn’t bloat your stomach
  • Easily mixed with milk or coffee
  • Full of essential proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals


  • No sugar-free
  • Strange aftertaste
  • Chalky texture (prepared with water only)
  • Contains milk (not 100% Paleo)


If you’re struggling with weight loss or just want to maintain your current weight, then PaleoMeal Replacement Shake can be a great solution to your problems. It is easy to prepare – the preparation will take less than 5 minutes. Plus, you can add soy or almond milk, water, coffee or fruits and grains in your shake. For more information and pricing, please click here and check this product out.