Can You Put Protein Powder in Coffee?

Getting back in shape has gotten easier over the years with a little bit of help from protein powders. Protein powder isn’t there only for losing weight or building muscle, but also for helping you get enough nutrients, especially if you’re routinely not getting enough.

Typically, you can add protein powder in many liquids that you like to drink, and coffee is just one of them. This gets us to one frequently asked question: can you add protein powder to your coffee?

Why mix protein powder with your coffee in the first place?

Coffee With Protein Powder

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Under normal circumstances, protein is good for our body and health, as it’s a fundamental element of various biological processes and structures. It does play a big role in muscle growth, as many of you should know.

This doesn’t eliminate the bad rap that protein gets, even though this happens only when people simply take too much of it. Moreover, some even fear that taking too much protein causes health issues (1), but there is no evidence (just yet, anyway) to support that concern.

You always want to get enough protein so that you don’t end up needing it more. Protein brings many good things to our body:

  • Protein reduces the risk of losing the muscle mass (2)
  • Protein builds muscle
  • Protein sustains good bone health (3)
  • Protein lowers blood pressure (4)

When you’re putting together protein and coffee, you’re also going to get all the health advantages that coffee has for us:

  • Coffee is a great source of antioxidants (5)
  • Coffee reduces inflammation (6)

What are the main benefits of the protein & coffee combo?

Let’s go over the main advantages that this particular combo has for our body:

1. Sustains muscle building (especially in the morning)

Muscle Building

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Some of us like to start their day with a cup of coffee, whereas having some protein powder needs to wait until later in the day.

However, if you begin adding protein powder into your coffee, you’re going to boost your ability to build muscle, especially if you like working out early in the morning. The link between protein and muscle is very obvious, and you don’t want to exercise without having enough protein. It’s only going to slow you down from developing muscles.

2. It helps when losing weight

Weight Loss

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Protein is filling so you’re going to feel the need to eat that much food and protein is also able to control your cravings for food. Additionally, it also improves your metabolism, which is great when you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

Even though the mechanisms are a bit different for coffee, the effects are pretty similar. As most of us know, coffee is great for suppressing our appetite, and many use it while on intermittent fasting. Some observational research revealed that people that are drinking coffee on a regular basis do tend to lose weight less, than those who don’t have coffee.

It seems that some compounds in coffee reduce fat accumulation and improve your metabolism and it’s already proven that caffeine may support weight loss.

Working pretty similar, it’s only natural to put the two ingredients work together for helping you to lose a few pounds.

3. It’s a tasty combo

It seems that adding protein powder to your coffee is going to improve the taste of your coffee. Some like to use the protein powder instead of the creamer or the sweetener.

Due to its all health benefits, it may even be better for you to use protein powder and no creamer or sweetener anymore.

Keep in mind that protein powder comes with various flavors, so you can add that special flavor that you like so much to your coffee.

How to add protein powder to your coffee?

Adding Protein Powder To Coffee

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Even though the combination does work, adding protein powder to your coffee may be a bit strange especially because protein powder doesn’t mix into coffee that great. Luckily for us, there are some tips to have in mind when trying the unique combo.

The most critical challenge of this combination comes from the fact that the protein powder (whey protein powder to be more precise) doesn’t dissolve great in hot liquids. It typically clumps and doesn’t look good at all.

1. Add the protein powder to a cold liquid first

You can avoid that by mixing the protein powder with a cold juice. Some like to use cold water, but you can have you go with some cold milk too (almond milk and other alternatives are safe). There are many ways to do it, but we’re going to come back on that.

2. Put in some other ingredients

Your mix can work faster if you’re also adding some ingredients so that the powder blends easier and better. Coconut or almond milk are great ingredients to add to the mix.

You should also consider coconut oil, which is going to give you something that resembles a lot to the Bulletproof coffee. On top of everything else, you also get the benefits from the coconut oil.

However, you can always simply have the combo, by adding your cup of coffee into the protein powder and shake it very well. You’re going to get some warm coffee/protein smoothie and not quite a cup of hot coffee. Some may like it like this, anyways.

3. Add coffee to your already made protein smoothie

This is another method to give it a go. It’s not quite the same as the other ways, as you’re not going to get your hot cup of coffee like this.

When you’re dedicated to your protein smoothies, adding coffee is going to be great for getting all the good things from both ingredients. The number of recipes is impressive, and you only need the time and the will to try them all.

Look around for the mocha protein smoothies, as they’re the ones based on both protein and coffee.

4. Use the cold brewed coffee

If none of these ways work for you, you can always add the protein powder to your cold brewed coffee and shake it up. The risk for the protein powder to clump is much lower, and you also get the benefits of coffee.

Some tips for the mix

Milk And Coffee

1. Blending

You can place the coffee in a large blender, adding the protein powder only after you have started the blender. Don’t forget to remove the plastic insert in the cover so that the steam goes away. You’re going to obtain a foamy cappuccino-like shake. It’s only going to take you around 10 seconds or so.

Don’t try this method on a bullet-type blender as it has no escape for the steam, which may cause not only the bursting of the containers but also your burning.

2. Stirring

As you keep on stirring, you may sprinkle the whey protein into your coffee. You may also get some clumps, but they’re rather easy to smoosh against the side of your cup with a small spoon.

3. Use the cold coffee with protein powder

This is the combo that we’ve talked about earlier. Whey mixes pretty well into cold coffee, and you can always reheat it in your microwave.

4. Add it to milk/creamer

If you’re drinking your coffee with milk or creamer, this is going to work great. You can add the protein powder to the creamer/milk and then add it to your coffee. You can also try adding the milk/creamer to your coffee first and only afterward stir or blend the protein powder.

5. Immersion blending

You should use a large blending container for this one and simply add the protein powder once you have begun mixing. The result is a foamy coffee that is quite tasty.

What doesn’t work for the protein and coffee?

It’s easier to list the things that aren’t going to work for the protein powder and coffee combination:

  • Bullet-type blenders – they’re simply dangerous for you and may ruin the container as well
  • Shaker cups – pouring hot liquid into a shaker cup is quite the recipe for an injury. The steam has merely no place to escape, whereas the lid of the shaker is going to open or leak from the steam.
  • Don’t pour hot coffee over your protein powder – the drink is going to be full of gelled clumps and no matter how much you’re going to stir; the protein is still going to end up stuck on the bottom of your coffee mug.

Which coffee works best with the protein powder?

If you are a lover of coffee like I am, then you should definitely give the Subtle Earth Organic coffee a try with your favourite protein powder.  Made in the Marcala region, this Honduran coffee has a chocolaty taste and is 100% Arabica. This coffee is specifically designed for people who appreciate organic gourmet coffee and specifically coffee with a rich dark flavor.

  • No chemicals are added in the making of this coffee
  • It is 100% organic as certified by the CCOF
  • It is made in such a way as to bring out the coffee’s natural taste which is milky, smooth and chocolaty.
  • Its rich flavor is brought out by the roasting process.
  • One of its key features is the mild sweetness added to the coffee’s flavor.

I advice you to not mix this coffee with sweetener. It messes up with the original flavours. Mixing the coffee with sweeteners takes away from the coffee’s earthy taste.

Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is an awesome choice of coffee if you love all things organic. You never know, you might just discover your new favorite brand of coffee.

Which protein powder works the best with the coffee?

The final drink sure depends a lot on the type of protein powder that you’re going to be using. The market sure gives you various, and multiple brands and each of them has its ups and downs.

You’re going to find out that many brands give you pretty similar products so finding the right option for you is going to put you in a pickle. You may take a look at the nutritional breakdown of protein powders, but you’re still not going to find out if it works great with your coffee or not.

My recommended best whey protein powder to use with coffee

I will recommended you one whey protein powder that I think it’s a perfect choice to mix with coffee. Why I like this one is because its source of protein contains the milk of dairy cows which are 100% raised on grass as diet.

The Naked Whey brand emphasizes that the product is completely gluten-free, growth hormone free, bleach and acid-free as well as soy free. The contents of the product are maintained at a minimum level in order to achieve pure protein.

The whey protein offers features that aid your body to quickly and easily break down and digest protein. This is because protein powders are much easier for your body to digest than standard food sources, as well as allowing your body to absorb it quickly. This is essential because it aids your muscles to recover and grow at an optimum rate.

The most vital aspect of this protein supplement is the protein blend. Its protein blend contains one of the most efficient sources of protein available today, the whey hydrolysate and isolate due to how easily digestible and nutritious they are to your body. Furthermore, it is essential to note that it is also GMO-free, which means it contains purely natural content and no genetically manipulated substances. This allows you to know exactly what is getting into your body.

The only downside of this product is a price. If it is too much for you, then this is a very good cheaper alternative for the mixing job with the coffee.

1. For low carb diets

Your needs are going to be essential when choosing. If you’re looking for controlling your carbohydrate intake, you should go for low carb protein powder. They’re also a safe choice when you try to stay away from sugar since they’re not formulated with any sweetener.

2. For vegans

If you’re on a vegan diet, you should go for a plant-based protein powder. Keep in mind that this kind of protein powder doesn’t blend very well, so you’re going to have to try your magic for the mix.

3. Unflavoured protein powders

Some of you like the coffee taste so you should consider the unflavored protein powders for the mix. Unflavored protein powder isn’t a common choice though, but the market is quite generous on that section too.

4. Flavoured protein powders

As for the ones going for the flavored coffee, you can sure try some of the many flavors of protein powders. Flavored protein powders are quite popular among the smoothie’s aficionadas, but keep in mind that this type of protein powders do contain more ingredients and even some chemicals.

Are there any downsides to adding coffee in protein powder?

Some think that adding protein powder to your coffee isn’t that great for your body after all. The most important idea is that coffee may have a bad impact on the protein itself or your absorption of the protein.

Will hot coffee have bad influence to protein?

There are voices out there that state that hot coffee may have a bad influence on the protein, whereas caffeine may disturb the absorption of protein.

However, one thing is sure: there is no obvious evidence (up until now) that caffeine is going to slow/block absorption of the protein.

Truth be told, as we do drink a lot of coffee, a link like this would have been revealed until now. Even if caffeine does limit absorption, the effect is quite minimal. Chances are you’re still going to get a good amount of protein.

As for the heat changing the value of protein, there’s only a slim chance for that to happen. The protein may change for the worst in many other ways. Cooking steak involves way higher temperatures, and you still get a nice amount of good protein.

Coffee is not even as hot as steak, so the risk of denaturing the protein is rather low. Assuming that the protein is going to change its value, you’re still going to get most of its benefits. Let’s not forget that our body is going to change protein throughout digestion anyway.

On top of everything else, whey protein is quite resilient anyway and can take heating with no problem whatsoever. You can have your protein powder and coffee together and enjoy their benefits.

Our final answer for the question: Can I put protein powder in coffee?

Adding protein powder to your coffee is a strong way that more people should try when in need. There are many methods to do it, and there are no reasons for you not to try getting the benefits of coffee and protein in just one tasty drink.

No matter which method you go within the end, the combo between protein powder and coffee is a bit about trial and error. You’re going to find out on your own that some protein powders work better than others, whereas some flavors you may like and some you’re going to dislike.

The type of powder that you’re going to use is going to be essential for the final taste of your drink so it may take you a while until you get the perfect combo for your taste. Keep in mind that, even so, this combo may not work for everyone.

For example, the addition of protein would break the fast for anyone following an intermittent fasting approach. Others may simply not need extra protein in their diet, especially if they are following a relatively high protein diet or are carefully managing protein levels for ketosis.

Still, for everybody else, protein in coffee is an interesting idea and one that is worth trying out for yourself. If nothing else, it is a different approach to getting nutrients, and you may find that the result is amazing.

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