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When comparing Ciltep and Alpha Brain, it feels like comparing two titans in the nootropic stack industry. While each product boasts unique features, both are powerful nootropics that support brain function and boost motivation, concentration, and alertness. 

If you suffer from brain fog, inability to perform complex tasks, lack of motivation, and a tendency to procrastinate, Ciltep and Alpha Brain must be on the nootropics recommendation list. Yet, if you are like most people out there, you might be puzzled by all the marketing hype Ciltep and Alpha Brain have, wondering if they truly deliver any substantial benefits. 

Driven to clear out the dilemma, we’re offering a full review of both these products. You’ll read about their formula compositions, the benefits they deliver on your mental performance and possible side effects. 

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Ciltep Vs. Alpha Brain – Different Nootropic Stacks That Enhance Brain Performance

Ciltep and Alpha Brain are nootropic supplements created to boost brainpower and mental agility. As a matter of fact, both of them are nootropic stacks, meaning their formulas integrate a blend of ingredients proven to support mental functions and improve memory, focus, and concentration.

Even though Ciltep and Alpha Brain appeal to the identical target group – people who seek cognitive enhancement, their approach, formulas, and philosophy considerably differ. 

Ciltep, currently sold under the name of NeuroFuel, contains natural ingredients that can activate brain chemicals responsible for supporting learning ability and retaining information. In other words, this nootropic stack affects the process known as Long Term Potentiation (LTP), which many consider crucial for improving memory, learning, and alertness. 

Alpha Brain contains three distinctive nootropic blends that stimulate the brain by achieving a flow state of mind when focus and concentration are at their peak. The ingredients used in Alpha Brain are clinically tested and proven to support cognitive functions, memory, and mental speed.

Ciltep (NeuroFuel) – General Features

Ciltep Neuro Fuel

How Does Ciltep Help?

  • Enhance mental performance
  • Natural ingredients
  • Boost your memory

Natural Stacks Ciltep is currently sold on the market under the name of NeuroFuel, containing the same patented formula that was initially offered and promoted in Ciltep. As mentioned above, it is a nootropic supplement that enhances mental performance, clears out brain fog, and boosts memory. They are intended for healthy, working adults who need brain enhancement and cognitive support. 

The manufacturer, Natural Stacks, claims to be the first open-source supplement company, meaning their labeling includes the ingredients and the amount of each ingredient. This way, users know exactly what they’re entering into their bodies.

In addition, the company offers traceability, and each ingredient and formula is third-party tested. The test results can be seen online to make sure users are familiar with the test results. 

Ciltep (Neuro Fuel) Ingredients

Ciltep’s formula integrates all-natural, soy-free, vegan, and paleo-friendly ingredients. These ingredients feed neurotransmitters, meaning they support the communication among brain cells and activate learning and thinking abilities. Also, they boost mental clarity, alertness, mood, leading to a more fulfilling social life. 

Ciltep contains Artichoke herbal extracts, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Forskolin (derived from the plant Coleus), L-Phenylalalninine, and Vitamin B6. This combination fuels the process called Long-Term Potentiation, which is the main NeuroFuel’s differentiator among the competition. 

What Benefits Do Ciltep Ingredients Deliver?

Artichoke Extract (900 mg)– The artichoke contains Luteolin which is the enzyme PDE4 inhibitor. The lower levels of this inhibitor are associated with increased mental capacity and brain activity, neuroprotection, and wakefulness.

Forskolin (20 mg) – Forskolin is a herbal extract from the plant Coleus, used widely in Indian traditional medicine. It increases the activity of the molecule called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). When these molecules are present at higher levels, they increase long-term memory and dedication to thrive even when facing complex challenges. 

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) (750 mg) –  is an amino acid with a neuroprotective and alerting role. Clinical trials have shown it to reduce chronic fatigue, improve sleep disorders, and reduces the feeling of being exhausted and absent-minded. ALCAR increases the acetylcholine levels in the brain, which counter the forskolin-induced acetylcholinesterase, normalizing brain function and reducing brain fog. 

L-Phenylalanine (500 mg) – L-phenylalanine is an amino acid commonly found in food rich in protein such as eggs, meat, and leafy greens. It is shown that it increases dopamine levels and is crucial for the normal function of the nervous system. It increases focus, motivation, enhances positive mood, and reduces anxiety. 

Vitamin B6 (5mg) – The brain-enhancing function of vitamin B6 has long been clinically proven. It has a significant role in producing multiple neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA. In Ciltep, it is introduced in its metabolically active form called Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate. 

Research, Safety, and Use 

Clinical Trials Behind Ciltep

Natural Stacks claims that Ciltep is produced in the most stringent conditions. All the ingredients are strictly observed from the growth and sourcing stage through manufacturing and production. All the ingredients and batches are tested in the most rigorous conditions, and all of them are 3rd party tested to ensure maximum reliability and trust. 

Safety and Use

The recommended daily dose is 1-3 capsules in the morning after waking up on an empty stomach. You mustn’t exceed the recommended daily dose, i.e., not more than three capsules per day. Also, you can combine Ciltep with caffeine products for optimal and extended effect, particularly if you need extra alertness and focus. Another thing that Natural Stacks suggests is skipping one or two days a week, particularly those days when you don’t need brain stimulation. 

Bear in mind that Ciltep is not a prescription drug, so the claims published on Ciltep’s website have not been evaluated by the FDA. You can buy Ciltep over-the-counter, and it is not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease or medical condition. 

You should talk to your doctor if you have chronic or acute medical conditions before starting Ciltep. Pregnant and nursing women, as well as minors, should not use Ciltep. The company also advises smokers to refrain from taking nicotine or other prescription stimulants simultaneously with Ciltep. 

Alpha Brain – General Features 

Alpha Brain

How Does Alpha BrainHelp?

  • Designed to help reduce brain fog and boost focus
  • Memory, focus & concentration – without crash
  • Earth-grown ingredients

Alpha Brain is a nootropic supplement, but its formula drastically differs from Ciltep’s formula. Yet, the main function that Alpha Brain has is identical to the one of Ciltep, i.e.,  enhancing mental performance, boosting concentration and focus, and feeling more energized and alert. 

Alpha Brain’s key feature is the ability to reach the state of mind where you don’t get easily distracted, feel motivated to complete the most complex tasks, and be completely focused on what you’re doing. This so-called “in the zone” state of mind has been the hook that attracts users.

But it is not just the marketing hype, as many reviewers claim that Alpha Brain does match the description. So, let’s take a look at what makes Alpha Brain so powerful nootropic. 

Alpha Brain Ingredients

Alpha Brain’s formula consists of three distinctive nootropic stacks. Each has a specific role in boosting mental agility and helping individuals achieve optimal brain functionality and the emphasized “in the zone” concentration and focus.

The manufacturer has patented the formula, and the stacks within three proprietary Onnit compounds called Flow Blend, Focus Blend, and Fuel Blend. In addition, the formula is supported with vitamin B6, a powerful neurotransmitter and immune booster. 

Onnit Flow Blend – consists of oat straw extract, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Cat’s Claw extract (AC-11), and Phosphatidylserine. As you might expect, this compound delivers the “flow” effect, i.a., it helps you stay concentrated on what you’re doing and pay no attention to distractions whatsoever. 

Onnit Fuel Blend consists of L-leucine and Pterostilbene, i.e., amino acids that take a considerable part in protein synthesis. The process itself is an energy provider necessary to power you up during the day. 

Onnit Focus Blend – consists of Bacopa Monnieri, Tooth Clubmoss whole extract (Huperzia Serrata), and L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha GPC). This blend activates brain functions responsible for focusing on complex activities, learn and retain more details. 

What Benefits Do Alpha Brain Ingredients Deliver?

Combined, Alpha Brain ingredients support brain functions by feeding neurotransmitters, releasing necessary energy, and producing alpha waves. Clinical studies show that alpha waves play a considerable role in thinking and learning skills, and information retention. These waves are the most prominent when a person is in a relaxed, calm state of mind, so Alpha Brain seems to have succeeded in replicating this state through some of its ingredients. 

Cat’s Claw’s extract (AC-11) is considered powerful enough on its own to deliver most of the positive Alpha Brain’s benefits. This amino acid blend (Onni Flow Blend) is an important activator of numerous thinking processes. It activates serotonin and dopamine release in the brain and increases positive, happy, and relaxing feelings. 

The Fuel Blend is another amino acid compound that releases energy while synthesizing proteins. This energy release makes you achieve a complete state of wakefulness and alertness.  This is why this nootropic works even without including caffeine in its compounds.

The third stack, the Focus Blend, stimulates the production of acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is an important neurotransmitter that controls the nervous system, muscle cells, and hormonal glands. Since the formula includes Vitamin B6, they maximize the production of neurotransmitters. 

Research, Safety, and Use

Clinical Trials Behind Alpha Brain

Onnit claims that Alpha Brain has been rigorously tested, and numerous studies have been performed since its release. The studies have been conducted to test the product, the ingredients, and the sources those ingredients come from.

Every batch of their products is tested by a third party to ensure the quality is maintained and safe to use by anyone, including professional athletes. Rainforest Alliance and UTZ have certified Alpha Brain for purity and safety.

Safety and Use

Since Alpha Brain is a nootropic stack, i.e., the formula consists of multiple ingredients, many have been researched and approved for medical use. Such are AC-11, Bacopa, vitamin B6, and other chemicals used in the formula whose amount and dosage have been the subject of many clinical trials. 

The recommended dose is two capsules a day, taken in the morning with a light meal. The manufacturer doesn’t recommend going over the limit, and in case you experience any side effects such as nausea, rash, rapid heartbeat, or hot flashes, you should consult your doctor. If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a suspected or existing medical condition, you should also consult your doctor for further instructions. 

Alpha Brain vs. Ciltep – What’s the Difference?

Depending on which point of view you’d like to compare the two supplements, we can say there’s a huge difference or no difference at all.

If you are looking for an effective, quality nootropic supplement that has been positively reviewed, backed up by clinical research, with minimal side effects, then both supplements rank highly among online reviewers.

On the other hand, if you try to compare and contrast their ingredients, you’ll notice that they considerably differ. Ciltep, aka NeuroFuel, integrates a blend of five natural ingredients, and as an open-source company, the dosages are also listed.

Alpha Brain integrates a blend of three stacks and a rather long list of ingredients. Take, for instance, AC-11, L-theanine, Bacopa, some of Alpha Brain’s compounds that deliver benefits even if used on their own. The only common ingredient is the use of vitamin B6.

The way they work is also another distinguishing feature. While Alpha Brain creates increased neurotransmitter levels and induces the occurrence of alpha waves, Ciltep induces long-term brain potentiation without altering the levels of the neurotransmitters. It acts as a fuel for the brain cells, and it speeds up the communication among neurotransmitters.


Do Alpha Brain or Ciltep contain caffeine? 

None of them contain caffeine as a mood enhancer and energy stimulator. This means you can enjoy your coffee as much as you like. However, the artichoke extract in Ciltep and the Onni Fuel Blend in Alpha Brain deliver a similar effect to the ones attributed to caffeine. Actually, Natural Stacks even recommends taking caffeine to fortify the Ciltep’s effect. 

Alpha Brain vs. Ciltep – which is more efficient?

Both products show efficiency, so it is hard to claim that one is better than the other. It is often the personal response to the supplements that makes them efficient. If you are looking for maximum brain engagement, Alpha Brain could deliver a better effect. The only con is the possible side effects related to intolerance or allergy to some of the ingredients. Ciltep, in this respect, is milder, as it integrates only five ingredients. Yet, it has prolonged activity of about 12-13 hours, enough for going through the day.


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