Hi there and welcome to Nutri Inspector. I am Cindy Wilson, and my aim with this blog is to present you useful lifestyle and nutrition advice.

Nutri Inspector will always try to be different by sharing only actionable tips that can be implemented by ordinary people.

Nutri Inspector was made in 2015 with a mission to publish only well-researched information and facts that will make an actual impact on people's lives. Many sites are failing in this concept, so I decided to make something different.

My Education

I have a BS in Dietetics and Nutrition (Kansas State University) and have completed a dozen specialty courses related to nutrition, biochemistry, and food science. I am also a Certified Natural Health Consultant and Wellness Coach.


Cindy Wilson

In the Media

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My Path

Since my childhood, I never cared a lot about my weight. I have a fairly healthy metabolism, so I didn't have high obesity during high school. Very first problems appeared in college, but again I didn't give them a lot of attention.

Further increase in weight continued when I got married. Life changed totally; I had to work much more and give much more to my family.

I realized that my two kids are everything to me. The big change in my mind was when I understood that I am wrongly teaching them about eating.

Due to my lack of time, they were left on fast and processed foods. That had a significant impact on my conscience. I had to change my lifestyle completely to provide only the best for my kids.

I studied healthy nutrition a lot. It took me a lot of time and research until I came to the point when I was happy with our new way of life.

Now I am grateful for everything I have achieved. So, I've decided to start sharing my experience on this blog. With the aim to help others, that are on a similar path I was.

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My philosophy is simple:

Nutri Inspector Will Always:

  • Provide simplified and actionable nutrition tips
  • Share realistic health expectations
  • Write facts backed by scientific evidence only

Nutri Inspector Will Never:

  • Promote scam diets and fake pills
  • Teach you something that doesn’t work
  • Recommend expensive and sponsored products

Our Editorial Process

If you want a better understanding of how we handle and create medical resources for our readers, you may want to read this page.

So, welcome again. Be free to explore the blog.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you any questions or concerns. I will give my best to help you out.

Cindy Wilson, Chief Editor @ Nutri Inspector

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