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Health is the most important aspect of everyday life and the well-being of a person. It’ll be very challenging for you to become productive or attain goals in life if you are sick. How can you impress your bosses at work if you are always absent because of an infection? How can you engage in sports or regularly meet with your friends if you have poor health? Regardless of what your lifestyle is, taking care of your health should always be a priority.

The fountain of health we usually forget are herbs and spices that we got from Mother Nature. We use them only occasionally, usually only when we need a quick cure for cold, don’t we?

Besides many health benefits, natural home remedies like can also help us to lose belly fat fast. And indifference to expensive supplements offered in the market to lose weight fast, herbs for weight loss are healthy, and they go down well with our body. Unlike over-the-counter medications, herbs do not harm the organs in the body even after long-term use. These do not create dependency, which means that you can use the same natural herbs in the same quantity and still expect the same results.

If you are looking for weight loss supplements and you would like to lose weight without exercise, then herbs are the perfect choice for you.​

So what are the best herbs for weight loss?


These herbs have many health benefits, and besides them, they help in weight loss by reducing your appetite and boosting your metabolism.
Please note that just using these herbs won’t help you lose weight. You have to take care of your nutrition, and at least you should stop overeating. Also, any physical activity is recommended. If you are usually busy and do not have the time and energy to sign up for local gyms, wake up extra early so you can walk or jog around the neighborhood. If you have to start your day earlier than others, reschedule your jog or walk in the evening.

You can also play sports with your peers, take your dog for a walk, or go on a weekend hike to de-stress.
You can check reputable websites, such as Newport Natural Health, to help you with your weight loss journey and determine where and how you’re going to start. The information you can get from these resources will surely make it easy for you to lose weight safely.
Below is everything I have researched so far about these magical spices.


Cinnamon has got some quite useful properties such as being antibacterial, antifungal, and helps with cholesterol and diabetes. Therefore, it is good to have some in your diet on a regular basis if you feel that your cholesterol level is too high. Cinnamon is also beneficial to the development of the brain and ensuring the free flow of blood throughout the body.
Cinnamon Health Benefits

Cinnamon & Honey Recipe for Weight Loss

Make this drink recipe in the evening, before going to bed:

  • Boil 8 oz (200ml) of water
  • Put ½ teaspoon of cinnamon in the bowl and pour the boiled water. Then fold to stay for a half-hour
  • When the water is a little bit cooler after a half-hour, put one teaspoon of honey.
  • Drink a half cup at bedtime. Cover the other half with a small salver and leave in the fridge.
  • Tomorrow morning, on an empty stomach, drink the other half of the cold beverage.

Do not add anything to this recipe. And please note that there is no need to drink this recipe during the day. It works best in the evening and morning, when the stomach is empty, as described above. This will help almost everyone. Your waist will decrease over time.
​The treatment above leads to a significant reduction in body weight because the cinnamon and honey affect the cleaning of the digestive tract, eliminate parasites, fungi and other bacteria, which slows down digestion in the body. When the body cleanses, weight loss will stop.
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A great source of fiber and proteins, Flaxseed has long been food throughout the centuries which makes it a key ingredient for an overall healthy diet. It aids digestion and provides proteins that are rare to find in any other food which makes it the best protein for healthy weight management.
Flax Seed Health Benefits

Flax seed Recipe for Weight Loss


  • Pour 33.8 oz (1 liter) of boiling water over 3 tablespoons of flaxseed
  • Leave to stay overnight. It is best to use a thermos for storage. If not, use a pot with a lid.
  • Drain in the morning.
  • You’ll get a little thicker (mucous) beverage.

Consume 150 ml of this recipe during the day, 3-4 times per day, about half an hour before every meal.
​Consume this recipe for 10 days and then take a break for 10 days. Afterward, you can continue with a new cycle again, until you get desired results. You will regulate your body weight. This natural home remedy is non-addictive, healthy, and safe for your body. Usually, you will need 3-5 cycles to get visible results. Drink a lot of water daily!
This flaxseed recipe will reduce your appetite, so you can try to consume it as a breakfast or dinner meal replacement. Optionally, sweeten with honey. It’s delicious.
With regular consumption, you will also notice a positive change in the condition of your skin, which becomes healthier, firmer, more elastic. For women, the skin will not relax. It will dissolve the cellulite.
​Please be aware of these contraindications. It is not recommended to consume this flaxseed:

  • In the case of liver problems (unless you have serious illnesses, you can reduce the dose, and keep the situation under strict control)
  • In the case of kidney stones (flax actively pulls sand and stones, so keep an eye on each body reaction)

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Garcinia Cambogia is a very rich herb that is crucial to weight management and provides a way for the body to gradually clean itself right down to the blood vessels and blood cells. It helps you to fill up much faster and feel satisfied once you have taken enough food for the day. As a result, you are in no position to eat over the limit which gives you an avenue towards a steady weight loss process without going beyond your comfort zones.
Garcinia Cambogia Health Benefits Weight Loss
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Obtained from the dried coconut fruit, coconut oil can either be in the form of ground coconut or the liquid oil. Both play a key role in boosting the proteins of the body as well as giving the body key nutrients needed for weight loss. The fatty acids in coconut oil act as a therapeutic nutrient for the body as well as the brain.
Coconut Oil For Weight Loss
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Turmeric is the main spice in curry and comes with a plethora of healing properties thus giving it the power to reverse aging and other damaging effects that could have been brought on by inflammation. It is a great ingredient for weight loss and has a lot of unique properties that make it important for a healthier you.
Health Benefits Of Turmeric And Weight Loss
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Ginger has a number of powerful health effects such as being an anti-oxidant in addition to helping fight against nausea. It also reduces soreness and muscle pain which comes with long durations of inactivity or working out a bit too thoroughly. Additionally, it reduces blood sugar levels thus keeping you fresh and comfortable as you go about day to day activities. It can also aid with chronic indigestion thus enabling you to lose weight more efficiently.
13 Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger Tea for Weight Loss Recipe

To create a beneficial ginger tea for weight loss, all you need is fresh ginger and filtered water. The rest of the ingredients are optional, but you will have a better taste with a little honey and fresh lemon juice as an addition.
The flowers of chamomile, cinnamon, cayenne pepper or Echinacea tincture are also good for this tea, but those are optional. Do not add all at the same time. You can try different combinations to make variations or to find your favorite taste.​
Ingredients (serving 1-2 cups of tea)​

  • 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • 2 cups filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon of raw honey or pure maple syrup
  • ½ lemon, squeezed


  • Peel and grate the ginger root. You can cut the root and rings.
  • If you use a saucepan, bring the water to a boil, add ginger and turn off the heat.
  • Cover and let stand for 10 minutes.
  • If you use the kettle, add the ginger in a pot and pour the boiling water into it.
  • Let stand for about 10 minutes.
  • If you use a saucepan, strain the water to remove the ginger.
  • Add fresh lemon juice and natural sweetener if desired.
  • Stir and enjoy it!

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Ginseng is essential for your body’s protection mechanisms which keep away all bad agents from infiltrating the body system and causing harm to internal organs. This makes your immune system more powerful and able to handle anything that goes wrong or awry.
Ginseng Health Benefits
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Cayenne Pepper is one of the most powerful medicinal herbs in the world and plays a key role in weight loss as well. It is said to have a Chinese origin and can heal an upset stomach or even deal with a slow intestinal gas. Additionally, the spice can help with your heart thus making it a crucial component in a weight loss diet.
Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss And Health Benefits
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In addition to being a powerful nutrient for the heart and the pancreas, Psyllium additive is your absolute toilet buddy where it acts as a laxative. It helps by soaking up the water in your gut thus aiding in bowel movement. It also helps you to lose weight thus proving a useful weight loss additive to your other foods that you consume on a daily basis.
Psyllium For Weight Loss And Many Health Benefits

Psyllium Recipe for Weight Loss

Warm water and lemon are essential for weight loss. When you add Psyllium to it, it becomes a potential cleanser for your body.
For weight loss, it is essential to eat less and keep your body clean from inside. Psyllium helps you cleanse the colon and curb your appetite. To make the mixture for weight loss, follow the below instructions.

  • 2 Teaspoons Psyllium Powder
  • 240 ml (8 oz) warm water
  • 2 Teaspoons fresh lemon juice


  • Take 8 oz water and heat it.
  • Let it cool down to a warm temperature and then add lemon juice.
  • Mix well and add psyllium powder in this mixture.
  • Have it immediately after preparing it.
  • Have this mixture once before the meal and after waking up.


This is a reddish-purple fruit that is indeed crucial to heart health, strengthening the body organs and promotes skin health. Additionally, it helps with weight loss and is a powerful immune booster since it is high in vitamin C as well as having some anti-aging effects. The berries are readily available through the internet and at your local grocery or herbal supplement store which makes them a good choice for when you need to soak up on vitamins.
Acai Berry For Weight Loss And Health Benefits


Buckwheat, Fagopyrum Esculentum, is an extremely healthy and nutritious plant. It is almost always classified as a cereal, because of the grain which is rich in nutrients and which is used in the diet, but, botanically speaking, it is a herbaceous vegetable.

Why Fight Obesity?

Until recently, obesity was considered as an aesthetic flaw. However, now it is one of the biggest problems of the 21st century because it causes some diseases and even premature death.
Obesity is a major cause of high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, causing an increase in cholesterol causes diabetes and often leads to mental disorders. Recent research has shown that obese people are exposed to an increased risk of cancer.
Aside from your physical health, obesity can also take a toll on your mental health. Having excessive weight can lower your self-esteem and body image. It’ll be very challenging for you to meet other people, excel at work, and ace a job interview if you are too conscious about your weight.
Being obese can become the reason why you will stay in your comfort zone and miss out on a lot of opportunities in life. All of these things can result in a poor quality of life.

What is Obesity?

Obese is a person whose weight exceeds the ideal by 15%. The main feature of obesity is eating excess body fat. There is a difference between obesity and excess body weight, which is usually caused by excess water in the body, muscles, or heavy bones.
It’s interesting that women are more often obese, while men are more likely over-fed. A particular concern is that obesity is present in a growing number of kids.
Although genetic predisposition or metabolic can cause obesity, the most common reason is taking larger amounts of calories than what our body needs.

How To Lose Weight With Natural Remedies?​

Natural Herbs For Weight Loss
There are many ways you can get rid of excess body fat. The most recommended one is diet, but the most effective solution is a lifestyle change. This includes a balanced diet, dominated by large amounts of fruits and vegetables along with regular practice and physical activity.
If you add healthy herbs to your lifestyle changes, the success is guaranteed. And your body will be grateful!​


In conclusion, weight loss is not something that takes a day or even a week. Instead, it starts with a decision on your part where you get to know what foods to take and which ones to avoid.
As a result, you can form a habit and keep up with it until you get to a steady level where you are definitely able to watch your weight go down to a level that you have always aimed for.
The herbs and natural remedies that have been listed above are good for maintaining your weight as well as getting the nutrients that will benefit your body and improve things such as concentration, healthy skin, body weight among other things such as straighter hair, stronger bones, and a stronger digestive system.
What is your experience with natural remedies for weight loss?​

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  2. I have been searching for a list of herbs to began a new vision for myself at the age of 70 ( in August) also needed recipes to start with . I wish there was a recipe book of nothing but weight loss recipe’s & nutritional foods for body enhancement at any age.
    Thank you for the information, I will use it all to help my husband & I to loose weight & give our bodies a nutritional boost .

  3. I am knowledgeable of herbs and vitiamns. But with the herbs just never what been to take with what herbs. I am 70. I do not have much of a variety of foods to eat,, because I have no teeth. I am also inactive.became I can not walk. I sit up at the side of my in home hospitals bed. I have exercise ,like a bike I can use at the side of my bed. So that’s my life. Been this way for 2-3 years. Can you help me ?

    1. Dear Myrna,

      Thank you for reaching out with your concerns about herbs for weight loss. It’s great to hear that you have knowledge about herbs and vitamins, but it’s understandable that it can be overwhelming to figure out which herbs to take and how to take them.

      Given your situation, it’s important to first consult with your healthcare professional or a registered dietitian who can help you develop a personalized nutrition and exercise plan that takes into account your medical conditions and limitations. They can also help you determine which herbs and supplements may be appropriate for you and how to safely incorporate them into your routine.

      However, it’s important to note that while herbs and supplements may have some benefits for weight loss, they are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise regimen. If you have limited food options due to your dental issues, it’s important to focus on incorporating nutrient-dense foods that are easy to eat and digest, such as pureed or soft fruits and vegetables, soups, and meal replacement shakes.

      In terms of exercise, it’s great that you have access to a bike that you can use at the side of your bed. Consistent physical activity, even at a low intensity, can have numerous health benefits and may aid in weight loss. Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about any modifications or precautions you may need to take when exercising.

      Overall, it’s important to approach weight loss in a safe and sustainable manner, and to work with your healthcare team to develop a plan that fits your individual needs and limitations. Best of luck to you on your journey towards better health!

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