Our Editorial Process

We want all our readers to feel completely confident about the information we provide to them. For that reason, we’d like to explain how we get the information we get, and how we handle it.

In today’s world, it is very easy to frighten yourself by searching for medical information online. You can convince yourself that you are dying from a scratch or that you don’t need to go to the emergency room for a broken limb just by following confusing, over-hyped, or incorrect advice.

Health is extremely important, and we believe our readers deserve access to advice that has been written by real medical experts who care about their readers.

We are invested in ensuring that our readers can understand the information they are given and that it’s not written to frighten, but to inform.

We try to simplify and explain any complicated health jargon and make sure that our information follows the very latest research. We want to empower readers to make choices based on real evidence and strong information.

Nutri Inspector aims to be there for any health questions you may have at any time. We want to walk with you through each step of your health journey, being there in moments of both stress and joy, and giving you power over your health and well-being.

Our goal is to always provide you with the best we can so you can make the most of your health.

Nutri Inspector Subject-Matter Expert Writers

So who provides the information we display? We choose expert writers who have recognizable voices in their respective fields. We have physicians, medical journalists, patient advocates, and many more, including patients themselves to describe their real-word experiences.

We select writers based on their ability to convey information simply and helpfully and to offer neutral, unbiased advice. We ensure everyone has superb knowledge before they handle our content, so our readers get access to only the best and more accurate information.

Diverse Voices

Everyone is different, and we want to respect and celebrate those differences by getting our wealth of information from very diverse sources. In all our areas of business, including illustrators, photographers, expert sources, health writers, and Review Board members, we aim to champion the voices of BIPOC health writers.

We are proud of our diversity and seek to constantly broaden our horizons so we can represent people from all walks of life.

Editorial Team

We know that to get the best content, it needs several pairs of eyes, which is why we have a skilled editorial team handling all our content. We want to ensure that everything is responsibly written, easy to understand, accurate, trustworthy, helpful, up-to-date, and respectful of all our different readers.

Medical Review Board

We have board-certified physicians whose expertise is aligned with the content topic. These physicians reviews all content to verify its accuracy, whether it is an article, illustration, tool, video, or any other resource. They check that facts and guidelines are current and helpful, and in line with health advice.

They send any improvements to the editorial team, who make instant changes. Medical Reviewers must approve a piece of content for it to get the official stamp in the byline, guaranteeing quality.

Fact Check

We have a whole team of fact-checkers who rigorously inspect our content for incorrect or outdated assumptions. Their job is to explore the relevance and accuracy of articles, comparing them with current and reputable sources, which include government organizations, advocacy associations, academic institutions, and peer-reviewed medical journals.

References, Sources, And Citations

All statements, claims, and suggestions of a medical nature are checked against our current primary references, which include government organizations, advocacy associations, academic institutions, and peer-reviewed medical journals

We prefer to use human research and proven treatments but will report on experimental or alternative treatments if no other information is available.

Up-To-Date Information

We recognize the crucial nature of timeliness in health articles. Human understanding of the medical world can shift overnight. With subject-matter experts, a Medical Review Board, and a meticulous editorial team, we routinely check and verify existing content to ensure information reflects current guidelines, statistics, and research.

Content will be re-written, re-edited, and then re-certified by members of the Medical Review Board to ensure the best possible accuracy for all readers. If you do find anything outdated or inconsistent in our content, feel free to reach out and we will look into the issue promptly.

The Nutri Inspector Voice

We believe that medical information does not have to be accompanied by an impersonal and clinical voice. It can be compassionate while still being authoritative. It can offer you a level of friendship that you can trust, with the professionalism of a doctor.

We are always glad to hear from readers. Please contact us with any suggestions or comments that you may have.

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