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What is the latest dietary trend that is sweeping the nation? To be frank, there are plenty of them and they are constantly changing. Some of them focus on the type of food and drink you consume, others are concerned with how often you eat, while still, more are about how you prepare meals in general. 

The sheer number of diet trends that people are currently implementing can be overwhelming, and not all of them are created equally. Their practicality depends on a lot of factors, including lifestyle, family size, and specific body types. 

If you are looking to change up your habits and need some help finding what trend will work for you, then take a look at some of these popular ideas to see how they might work for you.

dietary trends

Meal prep

This trend works especially well for those with busy lifestyles. Think of growing families or those with long work hours during the week. Meal prep refers to the practice of readying meals or ingredients ahead of time to reduce the hours spent cooking later on. It can mean that you cook up several meals on the weekend and then portion them out and freeze them for later in the week. It could also just be ingredient preparation with produce or meats so that you spend less time the day of the meal having to chop veggies or cook meats. The goal of meal prep is to lessen the burden of an overwhelming schedule and give you more freedom for choosing healthy options instead of opting for takeout every time you are exhausted. If you operate within a busy lifestyle, meal prep could be the solution you need.

Immune system boosters

With a greater focus on the immune system’s effectiveness in recent years, many people are trending towards consuming natural boosters for their body’s defenses. Some of the more powerful nutrients for this include vitamin C, D, and E, as well as antioxidants. Foods containing some of these minerals are grapefruits, avocados, nuts, broccoli, and even garlic. Diets that focus on these kinds of foods are growing in popularity to help combat various diseases more effectively and naturally. If you are looking to boost your immune system or your family’s, then this trend would be a wise choice.

Plant-based diets

Whether you are hoping to lose weight or have ethical reasons for avoiding meat and dairy, a plant-based diet could be the solution for you. This trend centers around foods that originate from plants, though it does not necessarily restrict meat and dairy. It involves fruits and vegetables of course, but also nuts, seeds, healthy fats, beans, and whole grains. The rise in organic products makes this particular diet very accessible. 


With more and more people going gluten free, whether out of necessity or choice, buckwheat has become a popular grain replacement. It contains many important minerals like potassium and iron, and provides helpful vitamins as well. It is high in protein, making it a decent substitute for meat or dairy products on top of its use as a grain alternative. Though it can be harder to find in the store due to its growing requirements, it could be the perfect addition to your diet when cutting back on or eliminating gluten.

Potato milk

Yes, you read that correctly. They can now make milk from potatoes. Almond milk, coconut milk, and other milk alternatives have grown in recent years, but this version just might be the most sustainable. Since they come from an incredibly powerful crop, potatoes are an extremely renewable source for milk. This alternative lines up with the movement towards plant-based food and drink, adding to its rising popularity. It provides many of the same nutrients as other milk alternatives, though with less available protein. Still, as a newer drink option, this trend will likely grow and start to infiltrate the market even more.

Taking supplements

To be clear, supplements should not take the place of a balanced diet as sources of nutrients. They are just supplementary. These can be found in many forms, including capsules, drink mixes that add vitamins and minerals to water, and even gummies. Taking more nutrients via supplements can support a balanced diet in a very convenient and inexpensive way. If you want to increase your nutrient intake, consider adding supplements to your healthy diet. 

What trend excites you most?

When changing your eating habits, it should come down to what trend excites you the most. Are you looking to eat healthier and maintain a powerful immune system? Do you want to ease the burden of preparing meals every night? Is cutting out gluten and finding alternatives a priority for you or your family? The most effective plan will be the one that you are excited about following. Though there are far more dietary trends than what is listed here, find the ones that will suit your lifestyle and help you meet your goals. 

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