11 Natural Health Boosters For You And Your Pets

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Pet owners are well aware of the fact that animal companions give them instant happiness. However, not all of them are doing a remarkable job in defending their pets against intruding and sickness-causing germs.

Do you have a pet at home?  The thought of improving their wellbeing may appeal to you, but you may have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, there’s a variety of natural health products and lifestyle choices that can benefit not just your pet, but also you.

11 Natural Health Boosters For You And Your Pets

Here’s a list of 11 all-natural ways to keep you and your pet in tiptop shape:

1. Keep Your Pets Clean At All Times

Proper hygiene is critical for everyone’s health, including your pets. True, an animal’s body reacts differently to filthy things—after all, they smell and lick pretty much anything, and they can withstand far more germs than you can. However, that isn’t to say they shouldn’t be kept clean. Maintaining appropriate cleanliness is critical for improving your pet companion’s immune system.

2. Allow Them To Use Medical Marijuana

CBD or cannabis oil is said to help humans alleviate pain, anxiety, and sleeping problems. Apart from that, medical marijuana, notably CBD, is said to be effective in treating animal injuries and ailments. In certain places, however, veterinarians aren’t even encouraged to discuss CBD with pets.

Several cannabinoid products, such as treats or liquids, are available online or at medical marijuana dispensaries. If you have a pet cat and would like to give it a try, you can visit https://naturesarcorganics.com/product/adventure-cbd-crunchy-cat-treats/ or other similar sites for more options. Moreover, if your veterinarian is unable to discuss it with you, seek the advice of another expert instead. If they say yes, make sure you ask for the correct amount so it won’t be toxic.

3. Prevent Social Exclusion

Pets, like you, are social by nature. If you leave them alone in the courtyard or a room, they could become depressed, weakening their immune system. Therefore, keep in mind that they must spend a good deal of time with their buddies for their immune system to work optimally.

4. Keep Them Away From Stressful Situations

Among the most critical factors that reduce a body’s capability to fight disease is stress. This is a well-known medical truth, yet many pet parents are either oblivious of it or continue to ignore it. It’s as if their pets aren’t vulnerable to stress in the first place. 

Observing your pet’s behavior, temperament, food habits, and sleeping patterns is one method to detect if they’re stressed. Pets under stress are more likely to have diminished appetites, sleep irregularly, and behave in ways that deviate from the norm.

5. Provide Their Nutritional Needs

A healthy diet can help you avoid or manage some health issues, such as heart disease. Likewise, a pet’s diet can have a significant impact on their general health, too. However, pet owners frequently make one blunder: they choose pricey pet food and sophisticated vitamins over anti-oxidative sources. Therefore, it’s highly recommended for you and your veterinarian to work together to create meals that focus on the proper nutrition that your pet requires.

6. Give Them A Massage

Massages are more than just a dish on the menu; they can be a health-boosting experience for you, as well as for your animal companion. If implemented correctly, they can alleviate discomfort from injuries and cramping in your pet ,as well as help the circulatory system function well. Look for a massage therapist with experience working with animals so that they can treat the correct muscles and body tissues.

7. Play A Lot

Play A Lot

A nice wrestling, fetching, or chasing session with your pet strengthens their immune system like no other activity can. This is because such activities are believed to relieve tension, improve circulation, and lower blood pressure. As with humans, most pets benefit significantly from exercise and should be kept active to the best of their abilities regardless of their age, physical condition, or general disposition.

Always check to see if your pet has gotten enough playtime. Besides improving their attitude and demeanor, it’s an excellent way to boost their immune reaction as well.

8. Consider Herbal Medication As A Supplement

A lot of people use herbs to stay healthy. But, besides that, herbal medicine added to your pet’s diet may help with digestion disorders, renal and bladder diseases, infections, skin conditions, and muscle or tissue damage. However, a vet should always be consulted before using herbs, as some are poisonous to pets, and others may have no effect when mixed.

9. Make Sure They Have Enough Water To Drink

In both humans and animals, enough hydration is critical for maintaining a healthy immune system. Water is necessary for the normal functioning of all of the body’s organs and in ‘cleaning’ the system by draining away various poisons and infections. 

Therefore, during the hotter months, when your pet loses a lot of fluids cooling down, you must keep a dish of fresh water available for them at all times so that their immune system may function normally without having to cope with toxic elements throughout the body.

10. Acupuncture

In this traditional Chinese treatment therapy, tiny needles are used to stimulate certain sections of your pet’s anatomy. Acupuncture is believed to enhance organ performance, relax muscles, increase blood flow, and encourage the release of feel-good hormones in pets. Hence, this could be beneficial if your animal companion has muscle or skeletal difficulties, skin issues, respiratory issues, or digestive concerns.

11. Snuggle Up Next To Them

Isn’t it amazing how much your pet’s immune system can benefit from affectionate touching and snuggling?  It may appear not very reasonable, but it’s thought to be true. This assertion is based on the hormone oxytocin. The ‘cuddle’ hormone, which induces wonderful feelings in humans, is produced in various scenarios, one of which is through hugging and cuddling. When pet owners and pets exchange affection, oxytocin is produced into their bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

Given that you adore animals, it’s critical that you also understand everything that comes with owning a pet. The importance of maintaining pet health is paramount. After all, they’re your closest companion, family, and pride. Keep the points listed above in mind to ensure that you and your pet live a healthy life together for many years.

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