The Best Male Hair Loss Treatment in 2023

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Male pattern baldness can be caused by a scalp infection or skin condition. There are several treatments available to stop hair loss or promote hair growth. 

According to research, androgenetic alopecia affects up to 50% of males at some point. To prevent and treat hair loss in males, this article examines the finest hair loss treatment alternatives. 

the best male hair loss treatment

Use over-the-counter medications for hair loss

You may be familiar with over-the-counter drugs that aid in stopping hair loss. The FDA has authorized this drug at 5% strength, and it is offered as a solution or foam administered to the scalp. Since several studies demonstrate how beneficial and safe these over-the-counter medications are, several renowned doctors have considered utilizing modest doses.

Hair growth products

A dermatologist may prescribe various medications, ointments, lotions, and shampoos as part of treatment for hair loss. Several businesses specialize in male hair treatments. They often provide services to assist in determining the most effective approach and customize therapies to meet a person’s needs.

Reduce stress

Stress may have a substantial negative impact on both your hair and the rest of your body. A chaotic lifestyle can cause hair loss. These methods can reduce stress:

  • Regularly exercising
  • Listening to music
  • Practicing yoga
  • Meditating
  • Getting enough sleep

Try Laser therapy

For some kinds of hair loss, such as alopecia, laser therapy is considered to lessen the inflammation in the follicles that prevents them from regrowing. According to recent research, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) may promote hair growth for various forms of hair loss. This is supported by a 2016 evaluation that found LLLT safe and effective for treating male pattern hair loss.

Quit smoking

You’ve probably heard about all the harmful consequences smoking has on your lungs if yousmoke. Yet, did you know that smoking may cause hair loss? 2020 research of 1,000 males showed that more than half of the smokers had some degree of hair loss, compared to fewer than half of the non-smokers. Quitting smoking may lessen hair loss if you smoke.

Scalp massage

A technique that might slow hair loss is scalp massaging. According to a poll of 340 people of various ages, genders, and degrees of hair loss, scalp massage can make people believe their hair is growing more.

For around six months, the responders massaged their scalps for an average of 36.3 hours. More than 68% of respondents claimed their hair loss had stabilized or even increased. Results did not differ by demographic group, indicating that scalp massage could be helpful for anyone worried about hair loss.

The researchers point out that individuals who had overall hair thinning, as opposed to thinning only in one part of the scalp, were less likely to report improvements in hair loss.


There is various treatment for hair loss you might try. They include over-the-counter and prescription drugs and natural therapies. Consult your physician beforehand. They can help you identify the cause of your hair loss and the best treatment option.

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