How To Store Your Wine Properly With Wine Racks

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Regardless of how many wines you have, it’s crucial to store them properly to preserve their quality. People have different ways of storing wine; not all are doing any good. If your wine bottles are resting on racks, you’re doing it right. But why is it essential that wines are stored correctly in racks? This article will discuss the importance of properly storing wine and the types of racks you can use.

how to store your wine properly with wine racks

Wine Rack Dimensions 

Wine Cellar HQ recommends you plan which bottle sizes and how many you are going to store before buying your wine rack, as this will influence how high you want to build it. A standard wine bottle is roughly 3 inches in height when laid down, so giving 3.2 inches for a bit of wiggle room, means you can store 50 bottles on top of each other in a 160-inch tall wine rack.

Why Use Wine Racks? 

If you have seen wines resting tilted on racks, you might think it is for aesthetic reasons. That’s true to some extent, but there are more relevant reasons. When you set wine bottles on any surface, vibration is bound to be experienced, perhaps from sound or walking. To lessen the impact, they must be tilted on a rack.

Vibration Can Impact Taste 

The first reason is that you don’t want to disturb the sediments inside the wine bottle. Vibration can cause heat and friction inside, impacting the molecular structure of the liquid. Vibration can also unsettle the sediments inside and may cause a gritty taste. That’s why it can be challenging to live in a place with a lot of vibration when collecting wine. Collectors keep them in the basement to remain undisturbed, unlike when you are in an elevated position, where vibration can reach various areas.  

To Avoid Drying Out The Cork 

The second reason is the condition of the cork. The cork can dry out and crack, eventually opening a hole in the bottle. When exposed to air or oxygen, it can also affect the quality of the wine. Laying the bottle on its side allows the wine to hydrate the cork.  

To avoid getting exposed to vibration and for the cork to keep the bottle sealed well, they are best laid on racks. The wine will remain undisturbed and, thus, age properly.  

avoid drying out the cork

Different Types Of Wine Racks 

Wine racks are not just stylishly cradling the bottles when you place them on the counter or inside a bar. They protect wine from factors that alter its quality and taste. There are many kinds of wine racks.  

1. Metal 

Also known as ‘wine jails,’ these are freestanding racks where you can keep the bottles in a horizontal position. They can add an aesthetic charm to your space because they are decorative and possess an old-world charm. If you’re starting a collection, a metal wine rack protects them against vibration, making them perfect for cellars and bars. You can also find stainless steel wine jails with capacities that range from 40 to 150 bottles.  

2. Wood

The wooden wine racks are traditional organizers that makers can stain to match the look of the cellar or kitchen. Wooden wine racks can hold large bottles, and you can place them in any location of your home. They are also considered sturdier and last longer, albeit pricey. You will only have to replace them for a short time. Wooden racks also vary in size and capacity, although season wine collectors prefer the larger ones. Some also prefer wooden wine racks because of their classic appearance. You can store wine bottles on them horizontally, similar to metal wine racks.  

3. Wall Mounted 

Wall-mounted wine racks are products of contemporary design for saving floor space. Some are designed to tilt the wine up to 45 degrees, and you can choose the bottle depths. They can accommodate 9, 18, and 27 bottles. They can be made with stainless steel and are easy to install.  

These are only a few examples of wine racks where you can keep your bottle safe. In every design, the goal is to keep the bottle lying down to minimize the effect of vibration and to keep the cork moist. There are many more designs that you can search for that will fit your floor space.


When storing wine on racks, they are either lying horizontally or tilted to reduce the effects of what can affect their quality. You can buy metal, wooden, or contemporary wine racks that fit a different home space. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have your wine cellar as long as the bottles are kept safe by wine racks. 

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