A $500 Nutrition Scholarship

NutriInspector.com is an online nutrition community that provides fact based information about nutrition and health. We deeply examine the nutritional value and health benefits of natural food to help others pick the right nutriments that meet their individual needs. For example, here we reveal all facts about best natural herbs for weight loss.

At Nutri Inspector, we want to raise awareness of how important is healthy nutrition. Especially among young people. Therefore, we have decided to invest and give back to the community, by launching the Annual Nutri Inspector Scholarship. Our goal with the scholarship is to reward students and help them achieve goals, but in same time to give them opportunity to work on projects they like and that are essential and beneficial to every human.

The scholarship of $500 will be awarded to one undergraduate or postgraduate college student each year.

Who Can Apply for Scholarship?

The scholarship we organise is for residents of United States who are active students at an accredited university or college.

The advantage (but not mandatory) to content this scholarship will have all students studying: health, nursing, sport or physiotherapy sciences.

How To Apply for Scholarship?

In order to take participation, each attendant has to send well research and written essay (AP style) with at least 2.500 words about topic relevant to health and nutrition. Usage of researched facts are priority.

The piece of content you are going to create must be unique and well researched.

Topic examples:

The essay must be written and delivered in Google docs with additional information:

  • Student full name
  • Short biography
  • Email address
  • Link to your website or personal social network page
  • Name of your academic institution and area of study

The document file name should include words “Nutri Inspector Scholarship Application” and student’s name.

All the information has to be submitted via this form: NutriInspector Scholarship Application.

By submitting the essay, all participants grant permission to NutriInspector to use the essay on the website for eventual marketing or promotion purpose.

Deadline Schedule

This is annual scholarship program and next schedules for year 2017 are as:

Deadline for submissions: 15th of July 2017 – Closed. We are no longer accepting any submissions for 2017 scholarship.
Winner notification: 15th of August 2017 – Done. The winner has been declared. All the participants will be notified about our final decision.
Award disbursement: 1st of September 2017

No extensions will be granted.

Award Selection and Notification

The Nutri Inspector’s Scholarship Committee will review all applications and decide about the final winner. All the written essays will be judged based on creativity, uniqueness, researched facts and the clarity. Nutri Ispector Committee has the rights to disqualify all plagiarised content.

The winner will be notified by email and the award will be sent to the winning participant’s school or directly to the winner with permission of school.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Nutri Inspector’s scholarship award will be sent to winning participant’s school or directly to the winner with permission of school.
  • The award must be used only on related courses, tuition fees, books or other fees nominated by the university.
  • The winner must meet all requirements in order to receive the award. If he fails, the award will be withhold and/or nominated to 2nd place winner.
  • If none of the participants meet the all the requirements of the scholarship, Nutri Inspector reserves the right to withhold the winning award.
  • Submission for the scholarship is absolutely free of any charge.

Total Submissions for Scholarship 2017: 11

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at this email address: [email protected]

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