5 Foods And Beverages That Pair Best With CBD

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Cannabidiol (CBD) has caused quite a storm for health enthusiasts because of the benefits it claims to have. People are now using cbd preventative wellness products in their daily lives as lotions or oral supplements. You may already be doing these things, too. But, did you know you can also have your daily CBD intake through food?

When mixed in your drinks or meals, you’ll barely taste CBD oil in them. A variety of food can be made with CBD, and there are also ready-made snacks and beverages you can buy in stores. Whichever you prefer, here’s a list of the kinds of food you can pair with CBD should you want to try it:

Beverages That Pair Best With CBD

1. Tea And Coffee

Perhaps, the easiest combination to do at home, drinks are great when partnered with some CBD. 

If you have CBD oil on hand, you can add a few drops to your drinks to your liking. Have it in your coffee as a pick-me-up every morning, or try mixing tea and CBD oil in the afternoon or evening to help you relax after a long day. The caffeine from these drinks paired with CBD may counteract the effects of fatigue, too.

You can also opt for CBD honey to sweeten your drinks. Pour in a helping of whole milk, too, for the fat to increase the oil’s absorbability. 

Ready-To-Drink Variants

If you’re the grab-and-go type who doesn’t have time to mix several ingredients, you could always buy CBD-infused coffee or tea. Just brew it according to the instructions. Running late?  Fill your tumbler with it and bring it to work. You may feel less fatigued and stressed when you drink this at the office.

2. Desserts

After a hearty meal, you’ll want something sweet to cap it off. Luckily for you, there’s a whole array of CBD-infused chocolates, cakes, pastries, or even CBD gummies.

When looking to buy CBD gummies UK, it is important to do your research to ensure you are getting a quality product. There are many sellers of CBD gummies online, and not all of them are created equal. Some CBD gummy products may not contain the desired levels of CBD, while others may be made with harmful chemicals or ingredients.

It is important to read the ingredients list and reviews before purchasing any CBD gummy products. When shopping for CBD gummies, it is also important to find a seller that offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.

You could also make your desserts in advance and infuse them with flavored CBD to enhance or complement the flavors. If you bake your brownies or cookies below 350 degrees, the CBD in it should be fine and keep its potency.

The CBD in your desserts may also help you sleep better. Perfect for an after-dinner treat.

3. Appetizers And Side Dishes

Since CBD often comes in oil form, that should give you an idea of where else to put it. Appetizers and side dishes are usually prepared and served with an accompanying oil, such as olive or garlic parmesan. The next time you’re thinking of cooking up a fancy meal for yourself, include your CBD tincture on your kitchen counter.


A typical dressing poured in most leafy green salads is oil. Instead of the more common olive oil, try using CBD oil to make a tangy Caesar salad vinaigrette. The earthy flavors from natural hemp pair well with fresh and crisp vegetables. Why limit yourself to the oil?  You can also sprinkle in a pinch of hemp seeds into your salads for more crunch and flavor.

Guacamole And Other Dips

Tortilla chips eaten without guacamole could be considered a mortal sin. Mix a generous drizzle of CBD into your favorite guac recipe for a quick, delicious, and healthy dip. It’s recommended that you use unflavored oil so it won’t clash with the strong flavors of the other seasonings. 

Food That Pair Best With CBD

4. Pasta And Noodles

Craving for some aglio e olio?  Drizzle a bit of CBD oil over your pasta. Pesto pasta is another dish that pairs well with CBD because of its oily nature. The herby flavors from the pesto complement it, too.

CBD works best with other oils because the structure of the unsaturated and saturated fats improves absorption by your body. Most pasta dishes also don’t require too much heat to cook. You’ll avoid losing the CBD levels in the oil this way. As a result, you get to eat delicious al dente pasta while reaping the benefits of CBD.

5. Main Course Meals

Match your fatty and oily meats and fish with some CBD for maximum health benefits. Just avoid sautéing CBD oil when cooking or, else, you may lose its potency. You could also pour CBD butter or sauces on your fully-cooked meats to retain all the good stuff. 

When cooking with CBD, use the oil sparingly. It isn’t made for deep-frying, and a heavy amount may cause some problems. If you wish to raise the dosage, try using oil with higher potency instead of adding more oil.

CBD is also keto-friendly!  Pair the CBD oil with keto meats, like pork belly and ribeye steak. Use stevia-sweetened CBD oil instead of sugar or corn syrup to avoid added carbs in your diet.

In Summary

If you enjoy incorporating CBD into your life, why not try having in it your daily meals, too?  Aside from eating a healthy balanced diet, you may also get the benefits CBD may provide. Be it to achieve more energy, restful sleep, or overall body health, it won’t hurt to add a bit of that oil into your favorite food.

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