Why You Should Buy Fruit Boxes For Weekly Consumption

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Farmers in your community are looking for ways to market their harvested produce to local consumers. Their answer to the problem of selling off bumper harvests is to offer fruit box for sale. These fruit boxes contain various types of fruits that you can enjoy on a weekly basis, great for the survival of farmers and their farms, and great for the health of consumers like you.

A variety of fruits on hand is great, by your bedside or the living room table for instant and healthy snacks, in the kitchen for great salads, by the blender for on-demand smoothies, and in the fridge for chilled, pre-sliced bites for late-night cravings. They serve as colorful centerpiece decorations. They also serve to elicit fruit-based dishes such as kabobs, dips, ice pops, ice cream, fruit cakes, pizzas, tacos, and other snacks.

If you want to know more about the growing trend in assorted fruit boxes, no worries. This article summarizes four (4) main reasons that will motivate you to buy more fruit boxes from your local farmers.

1. You Get to Juice More Often

The earlier health trend of making juice from fresh fruits still has a loyal following among consumers who want to take their health to a higher level. Naturally, this needs quite a few fruits arriving regularly, such as on a weekly basis. The answer to that is quite easy: order a fruit box weekly so that you can keep on juicing on a daily basis.

If you don’t have a juicer, a blender will do. Throw some ice cubes and diced fruit in a blender and enjoy a natural drink with no preservatives, natural sugar, enzymes, flavonoids, and fresh fibers that support digestion and promote antioxidants and hydration. For variety, be ready to add zing to your smoothies with some cumin, fresh mint, red chili powder, or black salt. Cucumber or green apple can add a welcome twist to the usual fruit blends.

2. You Get Enough Daily Fruit Intake

Let’s face it — in cooking, sometimes your only hindrance to making a great-tasting dish is the lack of fruits to include in the recipe. For example, to make a wonderful salad, add diced apples to the recipe for added nutrition and a great taste. If you have ripe bananas, you can make a nice banana split sundae.

If you don’t know how to cook these, you can always search Youtube for videos on recipes that use a lot of fruits. If you’ve never heard of fruit spaghetti salad, fresh fruit cake layers, or fresh fruits in meat, fish, or chicken dishes, now is the perfect time to fire up your search engine with the right keywords.

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3. Your Get Daily Health Nutrients

If you have some medical conditions, or maybe you want to raise your nutritional intake, you can begin by buying at least one fruit box per week. With a weekly basket of fruits on hand to eat, you can reduce that waistline and lower your risk of a heart attack by up to 36%. Fresh fruit juices lower incidences of bowel issues including colitis and ulcers.

Potassium-rich fruits prevent kidney stones and bone loss due to aging. Blueberries contain anthocyanidins that improve cognitive ability. Oranges and citrus fruits are great for clear eyesight, combat cataracts, and macular degeneration. Want healthier hair, nails, and skin? Google the fruits for that and surprise yourself.

4. You Can Share Your Weekly Fruit Box

Some people like to give away their surplus fruits. If you buy a fruit box every week, chances are that you won’t know what to do with the fruits left in the box. You can give away excess fruits to the homeless. Instead of knickknacks, you can fill your display shelves with fruit preserves in transparent jars, ready gifts for the unexpected visitor.

Candied fruits last longer than ever with new cooking techniques. Fruit jellies are always a treat to everyone from youngsters to older people. Share a fruit cake, or chop up your leftover fruits, throw them into zip bags, and freeze them. You’ll never know when inspiration or need will strike next.

5. You Can Donate Fruits To A Charity

If there are charities, orphanages, and penal colonies in your community, the people managing these charities always welcome a weekly donation. You can order two fruit boxes per week — one for your personal consumption and another one for your charity of choice, or even more. Charities are usually too cash-strapped to buy their own.

You can easily find out if there is a home for abandoned elderly folk, a nunnery or monastery, or a community of retirees, transients, or new immigrants. Fruit baskets for community service providers such as the postman, the garbage collector, the police, and other security forces, even the medical staff at your local clinics and hospitals would always love some fresh fruits.

Don’t forget nonhuman charities: chopped fresh fruits for birds, for pets, and fruit baskets for zoos and pet hospitals and clinics are always welcome.


In this era of massive food waste, farmers are trying to cut down on food waste by selling fruit boxes. Some of the fruits look weird and never make it past the commercial quality controls of supermarkets and groceries but are perfectly nutritious and less likely to be treated with preservatives. There are many good reasons for buying your own fruit box every week. The key points summarized in this article should help you get started on your way towards better decisions about buying fruit boxes for your health and home.

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