How to Store Coconut Oil?

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Coconut oil is one of the oils, which does not go rancid quickly. You can have it stored quite hassle free as compared to the other oils.

Coconut oil has multiple uses. You can use this oil to cook, you can use it for cosmetic purposes, and for other things as well.

I will discuss them later in this article. After you make or buy Coconut oil, It is essential to know how to store the coconut oil, as people use it for so many purposes.

Good to Know Facts about Coconut Oil

  • The shelf life of this oil is more than that of many other cooking oils. It is a good thing about coconut oil.
  • Coconut Oil is present in three different states. Depending on the temperature, the coconut oil is in liquid, semi-solid like a jelly and solid form. You can store it in any of these forms.
  • The melting point of this oil is 76 degree Fahrenheit. It is liquid in the warmer temperatures. If you keep it in the room temperature, it will change its state according to the temperature of your room.​

Different Types of Coconut Oil

To understand how to store coconut oil for a longer time; it is necessary for you to know about the types of coconut oils. There are two types of coconut oil.

  • One is the refined coconut oil and the other is virgin coconut oil. The refined coconut oil is made from the Copra or the Kernel of a coconut. It undergoes some processes which might involve a little contamination.
  • Virgin and extra virgin coconut oils are expelled out from the raw coconut flesh.​

Now you know there are two types of coconut oils in the market. One is refined, and the other is virgin. The refined coconut oil will always come with an expiry date.

What is the Shelf Life of Coconut Oil?

​The shelf life of coconut oil is longer than any other cooking oil. It comprises of the healthy fatty acids, which don’t oxidize quickly. For this reason, storing the coconut oil is also easier.

The expiry date is anywhere between one year to 18 months. You can extend the shelf life of the coconut oil by storing it properly. I will explain that part below.

For virgin coconut oil, the expiry date is usually not mentioned as it is for a long term use. You can store and use the virgin coconut oil for up to 4 years.​

How To Store Coconut Oil in Refrigerator?

Does Coconut Oil Need to be Refrigerated?

If you keep the coconut oil in the refrigerator, it will solidify and will be difficult for you to use.

If you are thinking, whether the coconut oil can be refrigerated or not; then yes, you can refrigerate it. If the question is whether it should be refrigerated or not, then no, it is not mandatory.

Coconut oil remains edible even when not refrigerated. But, if you are under the weather conditions that are hot and humid, then you might want to store the coconut oil in a cool and dry place.

Keep the coconut oil away from direct sunlight. Although, coconut oil does not get oxidizes so easily.

Benefits of Refrigerating Coconut Oil

One benefit of refrigerating coconut oil is, you can improve its shelf life.

If you are using refined coconut oil, it is better to refrigerate it for a long term use.

You can use it for cooking purposes. You can scoop out the solid coconut oil and directly put it in a pan to cook.

For oral consumption, avoid using the solidified coconut oil. Take it out from the refrigerator and turn it into its liquid form, then consume.

Usage of Refrigerated Coconut Oil

You can refrigerate the coconut oil in a jar. To make it simpler, you can use an ice tray, to store the coconut oil.

This way, you will be able to use one coconut oil cube once. It will protect the others from getting contaminated.

If you do this in a jar, you will have to scoop out from the same jar every time you want to use it. This process will have more chances of contamination.

How to Store Coconut Oil Long Term?

It is always cheaper to buy anything in bulk than in bits and pieces. If you want to use coconut oil for cooking, you would sure want to buy it in bulk.

But one problem which you might face in buying the coconut oil in bulk is its storage.

It has a pretty long shelf life. But, if you are buying it in bulk and want to keep it for a long term, you need to keep a few things in your mind.

First, if you are buying the coconut oil in bulk for cooking and cosmetic purposes, opt for the virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil stays for a longer duration than refined coconut oil. The virgin coconut oil you will buy in bulk, can’t be stored as it is.

How To Store Coconut Oil Bought in Bulk Long Term​

  • It is important to heat the coconut oil before storage, because all the ingredients in the oil, should be mixed properly before storing it.
  • After this, take small size jars with a tight lid, to store the coconut oil. Pour the oil into the small jars and close them tightly.
  • Now, you can store the jars in a place away from direct sunlight and humidity. You can keep the jars safe for a long term use.​
  • If you want, you can refrigerate the jars. If the place where you stay, is too hot and humid, better is to keep this refrigerated. Although, the airtight jars won’t have any contamination issues.​

Benefits of Storing the Coconut Oil for Long Term

One benefit that you might want to look into is, you can buy the virgin coconut oil in bulk.

Virgin coconut oil is rather expensive. If you buy that in bulk, you can save a lot of money on that.

For people who use the coconut oil on a regular basis, it is beneficial for them to have this oil stored in bulk.

Usage of Coconut Oil Stored for a Long Term

If you want to use the coconut oil for cooking or cosmetic purposes, it is highly recommended to store it in bulk. Store it in bulk so that it is for a long term use.

When you have it stored at your home, you can use it regularly to improve your skin, hair, etc.

You can also use the virgin coconut oil to cook, every day. As and when you require the jar, use it and keep it back.

How to Store Coconut Oil in the Summer?

Summer is a season when there can be chances of direct sunlight and humidity in the weather. So, you need to pay extra attention to the storage of coconut oil in this season.

To make sure, the stored coconut oil does not go rancid, take the below precautions.

It is important to select a suitable type of container, to store the coconut oil.

Types of containers you can use:

Storing Coconut Oil in Glass

The glass is a great option to store the coconut oil in summers. You can pour the coconut oil into a glass jar that has an air tight lid.

If you can manage to satisfy these two conditions, then you can keep the glass jars without refrigeration. The oil will stay good outside as well.

Glass does not leach, and it protects the ingredients from going rancid.

Storing Coconut Oil in Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another great option to store coconut oil. But, one thing that you will have to keep in mind here is, the air tight lid.

Normally, you will not get airtight stainless steel containers in the market. The melting point of stainless steel is very high, which is why anything inside it is safe.

If you don’t get stainless steel jars in the market, you can also go ahead with plastic. But make sure the quality is high.​

Storing Coconut Oil in High-Quality Plastic

Plastic should be the last option for you to store anything for a long term use and especially in the summers.

One bad thing about plastic is, it leaches over time and in heat. Summer is the month that can expose your plastic to heat and sunlight, which might make the coconut oil rancid.

If you do not have any other option at all, then use the very high-quality plastic that does not leach. Make sure you keep it away from direct sunlight and dry place.

It is not recommended to refrigerate plastic containers. So, if you want to store in bulk, make small containers, so that you can use each one of them fast.

You can either use the containers or go ahead with freezing the coconut oil in the ice tray.

Benefits and Usage of Storing Coconut Oil in the Summers

One major use of coconut oil in summers is probably cosmetic. You can easily protect your skin from any damage, with applying the coconut oil.

When you have this anti-inflammatory oil stored with you, you can use it anytime without having to worry about going to the market and buying it.

Summer is a season when you will require a high quantity of coconut oil for different uses. Better is to have it in bulk.

Can Coconut Oil Go Bad?

Coconut oil will not go rancid on its own. But, if the contamination comes from outside, then it can become inedible.

For example, if you are using a jar to store the oil and the spoon you use to scoop out the oil is contaminated, it can spoil the rest of the coconut oil.

Until the date of expiry, it usually remains edible.

How to Know if your Coconut Oil is Rancid?

To know if the coconut oil is edible, use your senses.

First, look at the oil. If you find it pale in color or any mold formation, do not use it.

If it looks transparent, move towards the smell. If it smells foul, you know that it is rancid.

Next is to taste it. Take a little bit of oil and taste it. If it tastes good, the coconut oil should be edible.

How Can You Use the Coconut Oil?​

​You can use the coconut oil in different ways. It has medicinal uses as well. Take a look below for a brief idea about the uses of coconut oil.

Use it to Cook​

You can use the coconut oil to cook. Use it to make stir fries. This way, you will include this healthy oil regularly in your diet.

You can also have one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil daily, orally. It is good for health.

Cosmetic Uses

Coconut oil can improve many skin problems like dark circles, eczema, itching; dark spots, tanning, etc.

You can also apply this oil to your hair to prevent hair fall and dandruff. It is superb for skin.

Other Uses

Other uses of this oil comprise of the medicinal uses. It is a good anti-inflammatory agent and also helps in weight loss.

Coconut oil is probably the most useful cooking oils available in the market. It is also easy to store as compared to the other oils.

Because it comprises of more than 50% of the healthy fats, it is good to use daily. You can store the refined coconut oil for up to 2 years while, the virgin coconut oil for up to 4 years.

​I hope this article resolves all your queries. Use the comment section below to share your thoughts or questions. I would be happy to help.

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