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The overwhelming majority of meal replacement shakes on the market today are going to promise the moon and the stars when it comes to producing fantastic weight loss results.

Unfortunately, not all of them can live up to those lofty expectations – and many are simply products pushed and peddled by less than ethical marketers hoping to cash in on the desperation of regular folks just trying to get fit and healthy.

Thankfully, though, two of the very best products available today are the Advocare and GNC Total Lean meal replacement shakes.

Both of these products are top-notch solutions that have been clinically proven to produce fantastic results, and all of them utilize the highest quality ingredients to help you supplement your daily diet as you move through your body transformation journey!

But how do these top-notch new replacement options stack up against one another?

Let’s find out right now.


The Advocare meal replacement shakes have everything you need to speed up your metabolism, melt fat wherever it is hiding in your body, and lose a lot more weight effortlessly than you ever would have been able to without utilizing this kind of shake.

Designed specifically to flood your body with tons of essential vitamins and minerals (and a healthy dose of protein to kickstart the metabolism into high gear), you’re going to turn into a fat-melting furnace when you add Advocare to an intelligent exercise program and a daily diet filled with healthy food choices.

A little bit on the more expensive side of things, you may end up spending close to three dollars per serving with this meal replacement shakes. But even that isn’t all that unreasonable when you calculate how much you’d be spending per meal eating “traditional” foods.

​If you want to learn more about Advocare, read my review of Advocare meal replacement shake.

GNC Total Lean

Loaded with more than 24 different essential minerals and vitamins in every single scoop (not to mention 25 g of easily digestible and immediately useful protein), this product from GNC is a complete and total game-changer when you’re looking to lose weight.

With a built-in appetite suppressant mix of both dietary and soluble fiber, you are going to be able to kick cravings to the curb while keeping yourself a very regular – flushing out toxins and fat together, helping you get thinner a while feeling lighter at the same time!

​Each tub offers about 16 servings, bringing the total cost to right around 2.5 dollars per serving – not at all an unreasonable rate for a solution as reliable as this one.

If you want to learn more​ about GNC Total Lean, read my review of the GNC Total Lean meal replacement shake.

​Compare Advocare VS GNC Total Lean

General Info

Advocare GNC Total Lean
Review Link
Advocare Review GNC Total Lean Review
Manufacturer Advocare GNC
Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla, Berry Rich Chocolate, Banana, Mixed Berry, Swiss Chocolate, Vanilla Bean

Price & Servings

Advocare GNC Total Lean


14 16


$44.95 on Amazon $39.38 on Amazon


$3.21 $2.46


Advocare GNC Total Lean

Gluten Free:

Yes Yes

Dairy Free:

No (But Available) No

Soy Free:

Yes No

Hunger Blockers – Advocare vs. GNC Total Lean


In terms of hunger blocking, each shake includes 5 grams of fiber, which is definitely one of the best ways to suppress hunger. ​It simply wasn’t enough for me.

Ultimately, it compared to a Slim Fast shake regarding making you full. ​

That being said, it does have 24 grams of protein, which is impressive for any meal replacement shake.

This extra boost of protein will keep you full for much longer than most shakes.

Drinking one will keep you from snacking throughout the day.

GNC Total Lean

With a total of 25 grams of dietary and soluble fiber, GNC Lean does a pretty good job of making sure you stay full for several hours. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel me up in the first place.

Fiber is the only hunger blocker included in GNC Lean. As a result, I can’t give it the maximum points for hunger control.

Nutrition – Advocare vs GNC Total Lean


Due to the 24 grams of fiber, the shake borders on leaving the meal replacement category for the protein shake category.

Additionally, it doesn’t have enough RDI to offer the supplementation you need from a meal replacement shake.

It provides around 20-25%, while I prefer a minimum of 30-35%.

Plus, the 220 calories per serving and 12 grams of sugar are too much.

GNC Total Lean

The GNC Lean 25 Shake 25 has around 200 calories per serving, which isn’t bad.

However, it’s many vitamins, minerals, and protein that give it such a high nutrition score.

The shake has an astounding 25 grams of protein. (That is an absolute TON of protein for a meal replacement shake.)

When you add all this protein to the 24 vitamins and minerals it also contains, it is better from a nutritional standpoint than most fast foods or anything else you can quickly pick up.

Protein is a crucial aspect of weight loss and muscle building, and recovery, so this shake gets high marks in this category.

Taste – Advocare vs GNC Total Lean


Like almost every meal replacement shake on the market, Advocare offers chocolate and vanilla.

However, they also offer a berry flavor, which I decided to try.

It was better than I expected, so I’m almost certain their chocolate and vanilla shakes are pretty good too.

Now, I have tried some shakes that tasted better, but I have also tried a few that tasted way worse.

On the plus side, Advocare does a good job of masking that vitamin-y aftertaste common with these types of shakes.

GNC Total Lean

Although the flavor of the chocolate shakes wasn’t all that horrible, the consistency was far off the mark. It was extremely gritty and had that chalky aftertaste common with protein shakes, which it is not. (Of course, this is pretty understandable with the high amount of protein in the shakes.)

Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between meal replacement shakes and protein shakes.

I set meal replacement shakes to a higher standard than protein shakes because they typically taste so much better.

If this shake had been reviewed in a protein shake category, it would’ve scored higher, but it’s not.

On a final note, sugar isn’t good for weight loss, and this shake has 4g per serving.

Additionally, it lists sucralose as an ingredient, which has been shrouded in controversy. While this gives it a sweeter and better taste, it isn’t that healthy.

Value – Advocare vs. Total Lean


A 14 day supply costs $39.99, which is somewhere in the middle price-wise.

Each shake costs $2.85, which is certainly not bad for a meal replacement shake, but it is a bit inconvenient when you have to reorder every two weeks.

GNC Total Lean

When using the figures discussed above, it turns out that each shake costs $2.46.

While this is a good price when you consider it is a meal replacement shake, it is higher than most of the other shakes I have reviewed in the past.

Macro Nutrition Facts – Advocare vs. Total Lean

Advocare GNC Total Lean


220 200


3 3

Saturated Fat:

5 1.5

Souce of Fat:

Milk Isolate


24/12g 17/4g

Source of Sugar:



3 8


24 25

Source of Protein:

Whey Protein, Whole Milk Protein Milk

Artificial Sweetneners?:

No Sucralose

Artificial Flavors?:

Yes Yes

Nutrition Label:

Advocare Nutrition Facts Gnc Total Lean Nutrition Facts

Vitamins & Minerals – Advocare vs. Total Lean

Advocare GNC Total Lean

Vitamin A:

15% 20%

Vitamin C:

15% 60%


50% 50%


20% 20%

Vitamin D:

15% 0%

Vitamin E:

15% 20%


15% 20%


15% 20%


15% 20%

Vitamin B6:

15% 20%

Vitamin B12:

20% 20%


15% 20%

Pantothenic Acid:

15% 20%


30% 20%


20% 40%


40% 20%


15% 20%


15% 20%


20% 20%


30% 20%


15% 20%


30% 20%

The above table shows the percentage of daily intake for Vitamins & Minerals based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Other comparisons

I’ve made a similar side-by-side comparison of Advocare vs. Shakeology.

Final Inspection Verdict​

At the end of the day, trying to find the perfect meal replacement shake for your specific needs is always going to be a lot more challenging than most people make it out to be.

Of course, when you’re choosing from top options like Advocare and GNC Total Lean, things become a lot easier.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use the inside information above to find the right solution for you, realizing that both of these products are fantastic for those hoping to transform their bodies and their health at the same time.​

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