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Do you have any idea what is IdealPlan by IdealShape? If you don’t, then there is nothing to worry about.

Cindy 7 ShowI am Cindy, and I didn’t have the slightest clue about it until a few months ago. Having discovered that I was quite fat, I was looking for diet plans to help me lose some weight.

I learned about the IdealPlan by IdealShape from a friend of mine and decided to investigate it further.

In this article, I am going to provide you all the details of this diet plan. So, continue reading on until the end.

What is IdealPlan?

IdealPlan is a weight loss plan from IdealShape, a company that is behind many weight loss products. The plan is designed as a package of their best products to help you implement an easy and effective weight loss diet.

This package aims to save you time in reducing calories, changing your lifestyle, and burning fat. The best is the simplicity of using it as you get everything you need inside the package.

If you are tired of following complicated diets and if you are in lack time, then this is a perfect solution for you. IdealShape products are delicious and yet very healthy.

There are 3 different packages available on the IdealShape website. The main difference is in their length. In the table below, I will outline them for easier comparison:

IdealPlan Package IdealShake IdealBar IdealBoost Smoothie Recipe Ebook IdealPlan Ebook Shaker
30 Day IdealPlan YES – 2 Tubes YES – 4 Boxes NO – Only as an additional option YES YES YES
60 Day IdealPlan YES – 4 Tubes YES – 8 Boxes NO – Only as an additional option YES YES YES
90 Day IdealPlan YES – 6 Tubes YES – 6 Boxes NO – Only as an additional option YES YES YES

What is Inside the IdealPlan Packages?

Ideal Plan By IdealshakeThe IdealPlan package is a specially designed fat loss plan developed by IdealShape, whose main aim is to assist you in reaching your ideal body goals as quickly as possible.

There are various products included in the IdealPlan package that you will have to use throughout the duration of this plan.

Here you can see all IdealPlan weight plans available at the moment.

The following are the products that you will find inside your IdealPlan package.

Idealplan Ebook

IdealPlan Nutrition Guide

The IdealPlan nutrition guide is an eBook that is included in the IdealPlan package.

  • It acts as a guide for the IdealPlan and provides you a comprehensive, customized meal plan according to your gender and weight.
  • This nutrition guide provides you with recipes that use the IdealShake and lists of foods that you can eat throughout the day while following the IdealPlan.
  • Another feature of this eBook is the 10 fat loss accelerators recommended by Lindsey Matthews.

If you follow the instructions mentioned in this guide, you will have no problem bringing down your weight.

IdealShake Meal Replacement

IdealShake (read my review here) is an important part of the IdealPlan by IdealShape.

  • It offers you the chance to replace your meals with a delicious shake that is fulfilling at the same time.
  • The IdealShake helps you avoid a 600 calorie meal and replace it with almost the same nutrition at just 100 calories.
  • Making this shake so effective is that it suppresses your appetite, making sure that you do not eat any unnecessary snacks in between meals.
  • You can even use the IdealShake for making 300 calorie smoothies.
  • The IdealShake offers you nutrients and proteins and Slendesta, which helps you control your appetite.
  • If you are interested in buying Idealshake, be sure to check my post about the best places to buy it from. Also, you can check my regularly updated post with special discount codes for Idealshake.
  • If you are not sure about Idealshake, you can further analyze them by reading my comparison articles: Shakeology vs. Idealshake

IdealBar Snack Bar

The IdealPlan also includes the IdealBar snack bar as well.

  • It has a perfect combination of carbohydrates and proteins that provides you energy and helps you curb your food cravings.
  • Moreover, this snack bar is also enriched with the power of Slendesta which offers much-needed appetite control to you.
  • The IdealBar snack bar contains just 140 calories but still provides you with 24 minerals and vitamins, which help you feel energetic throughout the day.

If you want a snack in between one of your meals, then having this snack bar on hand is a good option.

IdealBoost Weight Loss Drink

IdealboostThe IdealBoost weight loss drink is a fantastic energy drink included in the IdealPlan package.

  • Unlike other energy drinks, which are rich in sugar and have a high calorific value, the IdealBoost contains no sugar at all and has a calorific value of just 5 calories.
  • This weight loss drink is composed of a nice blend of caffeine and green tea, which boosts the metabolism and quickens the fat-burning process.
  • IdealBoost also contains Slendesta, which makes sure that you do not have to worry about food cravings.

So, if you want an energy boost at any time of the day, then you can take the IdealBoost weight loss drink without feeling guilty.

How to Download IdealPlan PDF eBook separately from the IdealPlan Package?

The IdealPlan PDF eBook comes with the IdealPlan package, but if you want to get it separately, you can download it from the IdealShape website.

This amazing guide is available for a retail price of just $40, but if you are buying it from the website, then you will be given a discount of $11.50 and can buy it for just $28.50.

All you have to do is add the Ideal eBook to your cart and then proceed to the checkout procedure.

Once the payment is made, you will be given a download link from where you can easily download this eBook.

IdealPlan Guide

The IdealPlan guide instructs its users to have five meals during a single day.

  1. The breakfast should consist of a smoothie made using one scoop of IdealShake, a serving of fruit, one cup of milk, and one protein serving.
  2. You can take one IdealBar snack bar as a mid-morning snack after breakfast.
  3. In lunch, you would be having another smoothie made using one scoop of IdealShake, one serving of carbohydrates, one serving of fat, and one cup of milk.
  4. As a mid-afternoon snack, you can take a hardboiled egg and a flavored rice cake.
  5. The dinner must have one serving of lean meat, unlimited vegetables, and one serving each of carbohydrates and fats.

The overall calorie count for each day must not be more than 1500 calories.

IdealPlan Testimonials and Reviews

People who have used IdealPlan have found it to be an effective weight loss program.

Annamarie is one of the beneficiaries of this meal plan. She says that using the IdealPlan has helped her is losing about 45 pounds. It has raised her confidence and her self-esteem and brought about a positive change in the lifestyle of not only her but her whole family.

Mitch is another one who has utilized the IdealPlan and has achieved great results. He has lost about 35 pounds through this program and says that it has helped him in changing his eating habits. Mitch has become a lot healthier and stronger after using the IdealPlan and is thinking about continuing it to lose more weight.


To sum it up, the IdealPlan is an extremely effective weight loss program that can help you lose a lot of weight in a concise span of time.

I have used this plan myself and can certify that this meal plan works.

If you have any questions that you want to ask about the IdealPlan by IdealShape, you are welcome to ask them in the comments section below.

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