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Even though both Isagenix and Plexus are made with one thing in mind (weight loss), they’re different on many levels. Not only they’re coming from separate companies, but they also include different ingredients and only present similarities in the nutritional facts.

Who are Isagenix and Plexus in the first place?

Both Isagenix and Plexus are multi-level marketing companies (aka MLM). The main marketing principle is that you earn money by promoting their products. This is both an upside for anyone ready to commit to just one product, but also a downside for the one who’s not committing to the whole selling program in the first place.

MLM does present its advantages, and it’s a great way to promote brand awareness, and most of the time the products don’t disappoint.

This doesn’t eliminate though the risk for the distributors to become biased toward the company they’re rooting for. Being able to see which products work better becomes a lot more difficult altogether.

The marketing policy also comes with another factor to have in mind: these products don’t come cheap. They sure sound and look a lot more appealing, but you may have to open up your wallet big to stay on track for a longer time.

Both companies invest a lot in marketing so one may find himself/herself in a dilemma which to choose since the products are being marketed as strong and impressive while bringing home the big buck too. The more you listen to the marketing tune, the more appealing it sounds for you to try them.

Long story short, both companies present similar visions and focus, so telling them apart on this level is impossible and pretty much pointless. However, the products make present important differences, so read on to learn about them.

Which one has better nutritional value Isagenix or Plexus?

The first thing, to begin with, is that the serving sizes are different right from the start. Isagenix gives you larger serving size, and it’s almost twice the size of Plexus. This means you can use double of serving of Plexus for better results. The chances for that to happen are rather slim though as Plexus comes in only 12 servings per order.


Isagenix wins on this one as it contains 8 grams per serving, whereas Plexus has none at all. This is essential when it comes to putting your cravings under control as fiber does keep hunger at a distance for a good amount of time.


Isagenix makes a better impression once again as it contains 24 grams of protein per serving. Its opponent only contains 15 grams, which is quite far from being enough for most out there.


Finally, Plexus makes a nice comeback as it doesn’t include any sugars, whereas Isagenix raises a brow with its shocking 11 grams for the whey version. The dairy-free version is only 6 grams, which turns it into a wiser option when you’re trying to get rid of some weight.


Even though Plexus presents a lower concentration of fat, Isagenix is going to be more fulfilling also because it’s higher in fat.


Isagenix doesn’t look great on this level, and its options are rather high in carbs. You should go with Plexus instead, especially if you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, which requires you to stay away from the carbs as much as you can.


This relates a lot to what you’re aiming for with the protein shakes. Plexus does present fewer calories per serving, but you’re going to want to go with Isagenix when you’re replacing a meal. The high calories of Isagenix are going to be more effective for keeping hunger away.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to replace the meals, Isagenix meals definitely take the lead in front of Plexus. Additionally, the plant-based option is even more efficient as it also presents a lower level of sugar.

This doesn’t mean you cannot use Plexus when trying to lose weight. They simply make it as a better choice for snacks, and not so much as meal replacements.

Who’s more effective for weight loss Plexus or Isagenix?


Right from the start, we find out that Plexus supplements are supposed to help you lose weight. They also come in combination with Plexus Slim that is going to improve the effects of the drink.

Nevertheless, the pills do include multiple nutrients (niacin, B6, B12) but also plant-based ingredients. Some of the ingredients do deserve better attention from us:

  • Plexus Accelerator – includes green tea extract and Yerba mate
  • Plexus Block – contains white kidney bean extract, chromium, and brown seaweed blend
  • Plexus Boost -it has yerba mate and Caralluma fimbriate (which is a kind of cactus)

Plexus does tell us a lot about its efficiency, but it’s rather based on single ingredients and not on the products working on their own.

The marketing is intriguing. The phrasing does imply that the supplements are going to lead to weight loss and you may even have difficulties losing the weight unless you’re using the products. Does this look ok to you?


The fuss around Isagenix is a bit less obvious, and nobody promises that it’s going to be dramatic when using it. IsaFlush (also from Isagenix) is rather digestive support and not much of a weight-loss helper.

However, we still notice the high attention on the herbs and nutrients:

  • Natural accelerator – cinnamon, cayenne, chromium and green tea extract
  • IsaFlush – this one contains black walnut fruit hull powder and hyssop

Which of them is better for weight loss after all?

Even though the ingredients differ from one another, both Isagenix and Plexus have similar patterns. They’re made on nutrients and herbs that may sustain your efforts when losing weight.

Some of the ingredients are already known for their power in weight loss. Green tea extract is a good example of that, and the same goes for yerba mate that has proven its powers when trying to get lose some pounds.

However, many consider that weight loss supplements cannot lead to dramatic weight loss. Even if some of the ingredients in the formula are effective, we still cannot say for sure that the whole product works. Let’s not forget to mention that the amount in the supplement is lower than what has been already put under the microscope.

Finding weight loss supplements that lead to dramatic changes is quite difficult. And when you do find them, chances are they’re also banned for safety considerations.

All in all, some like to go with Isagenix merely because they’re rather realistic about their abilities. Truth be told though, the products are quite similar and may give the same results. Don’t get your hopes high, anyways.

What’s to say about the variety of Plexus and Isagenix?

If variety is what counts the most for you, you’re not going to be disappointed by either Plexus or Isagenix. They both come in an excellent variety of combinations, covering several areas.


There are three essential products that you can get from Plexus: Nutrition, Weight management, and Personal Care. Here’s what you’re going to find among the Weight Management products:

  • Plexus Block – is a weight loss supplement that is created for controlling the absorption of the sugars and carbs that you eat
  • Plexus Slim -is the favorite “pink drink” that is, in fact, a powder that you mix into water. It’s created for sustaining weight loss
  • Plexus Boost – also works as a weight-loss supplement and it’s made for suppressing hunger
  • Plexus Accelerator+ is another weight loss supplement from Plexus that is supposed to improve your metabolic rate, sustaining weight loss at the same time.
  • Plexus 96 Vanilla – is created as a meal replacement shake with vanilla flavor
  • Plexus 96 Chocolate – is also whey protein powder that you can use for replacing meals or as a snack.

As for the Nutrition section, you get several choices too. They’re supplements as well, but they’re designed to work for specific needs. For instance, when you’re going for some detoxing and cleansing, Plexus Bio-Cleanse is going to make the better choice. On the other hand, when dealing with nerve pain, it’s Plexus Nerve that you should give a try. Nevertheless, they’re all based on a combo of nutrients and herbs.

Let’s not forget the Personal Care section that only includes three products. You can have your pick from the Plexus Breast Chek Kit and the other two creams that may give you a boost whenever in need.


Isagenix gives you four sets of products to try: Energy, Healthy Aging, Weight loss, and Performance. Here are the options from the Weight loss program:

  • ISaFlush – is a herbal supplement that is going to improve your digestive health, based on magnesium.
  • Cleanse for Life – is a “synergistic” combo of antioxidants and cleansing herbs
  • IsaLean Shakes – includes various replacement shakes, with both dairy-free and whey options.
  • Natural Accelerator – is another weight loss supplement that is created as a metabolism booster.

There are only three products within the energy category:

  • E+ is an energy shot that is formulated on caffeine and various natural ingredients
  • Ionix Supreme – is a drink that combines different antioxidants and nutrients
  • IsaLean PRO – is a great option for meal replacement shake that includes protein and several nutrients. It’s a dependable choice for the muscle development and athletes.

As for the performance category, there’s not much to say about it. It contains IsaPro which is also a protein shake. Some workout supplements and a drink for hydration are also within this category.

The Healthy Aging category consists of supplements that are quite common for this type of industry. They’re not revolutionary but stand as a solid option for many.

The main idea is in the end that both companies give you plenty of various products to try and they all address different health concerns.

Plexus Pink Drink Vs. Isagenix Cleanse for Life

There’s no easier way to decide which may work better for you unless taking the comparison step by step on at least some of their iconic products.

Plexus Slim

  • Plexus Slim is a powder that you can add to water, giving you the pink drink that many of us know. The powder is made with different herbal ingredients and a prebiotic too.
  • These ingredients play their part when it comes to weight loss, but they’re not going to lead to dramatic changes. Some of the compounds do sustain weight loss, but Plexus Slim isn’t loaded with them, which explains its medium performance on weight loss.
  • What we’re impressed about is the prebiotic within the formula that acts as food for gut bacteria. The prebiotic is going to be very helpful for one with an unbalanced gut microbiome and is amazing for your health too.
  • Another thing we know for sure is that the right balance of gut bacteria is going to sustain weight loss, but we’re not sure that xylooligosaccharide (the prebiotic within the formula) is going to do that too.
  • In real life, it’s not impossible for the drink to sustain weight loss, but don’t expect to have your mind blown away by the changes. Plexus Slim may work for you, but it can also give no results just as well. The debate is still on.

Cleanse for Life

  • As the name suggests, you do think about some cleanse or detox when it comes to Cleanse for Life. After all, the drink isn’t part of the Weight Loss category. However, this drink is going to provide an entire body cleansing, on a cellular level.
  • The drink is formulated with antioxidants and multiple nutrients that strengthen your health, but there’s nothing revolutionary about the formula. Some even think that using a glass of tart cherry juice may do the same trick too.
  • The ingredients are quite common for the industry, from aloe vera to ginseng. They may work when losing weight, but they’re not leading to dramatic changes either.
  • What we’d like to pay attention to is fructose. The drink has 8.3 grams of sugar for every 4oz. Serving which gives you a lot of sugar at the end of the day, especially if you’re going to have three drinks throughout the day.
  • Even though you may also use the powder version, the formula is just the same, so you’re not going to get different outcomes with it.

Which one to go with Isagenix or Plexus?

The question puts us in a pickle as the products do promise different things. Some are going to go with Plexus Slim simply because Cleanse for Life isn’t revolutionary.

Plexus Slim is formulated with prebiotics which explains its efficiency on some level. Even though it may not boost weight loss, it still plays its part when trying to get back in shape.

On paper, Plexus Slim does look more promising for various reasons.

Does any of them help you lose weight?

If you’re planning on losing some weight while using Plexus, Plexus Slim is going to get you there. You may want to add some other supplements, to get better results.

On the other hand, Isagenix gives you the 30-day Weight Loss System which includes several products from the Weight Loss category and some other from their site. However, it’s the shakes and the supplements that you’re going to focus on.

What’s our final take Isagenix or Plexus?

When you’re trying to see the whole picture, Isagenix is going to stand out as the more effective choice as protein shakes to work when losing weight.

Focused on shakes, Isagenix may have its win on this one, but keep in mind that this type of solution doesn’t work for everyone. You may very well find out on your own that is Plexus that fits your needs better.

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