How to Indulge in Takeaways and Still Enjoy Your Diet

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Embarking on a new diet brings many challenges that you must pass to stay on track. One of the hardest challenges in this busy day and age is the need to cook your meals. Whenever you look at diet plans, they all say to use fresh ingredients every day, use lean meats, and healthy cooking oils. On top of this, takeaways have pretty much become taboo to those on diets.

After a long day at the conclusion of an even longer week, the last thing you want is to undergo the whole process of preparing and cooking a meal. Luckily, there are, in fact, many healthy options to be delivered to your door from the takeaway menu. Sure, takeaways used to be seen as the unhealthy option, but now you can stick to your diet while indulging in some specially cooked and delivered foods.

Get spicy with an Indian

Get spicy with an Indian
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Indian is one of the world’s favorite cuisines. The mix of colors and spices makes for an exciting meal every time. Many Indian dishes are packed with healthy vegetables, and some of their cooking styles mean that the meat isn’t soaked in oil. Best of all, spicy foods bring their own perks, such as helping weight loss and lowering blood pressure, according to Self.

The key with Indian dishes, if you’re on a diet, is to avoid the creamy dishes, such as korma and tikka masala. With the meat and likely a side of naan or poppadoms, you’re looking at a 1000-plus caloric evening loaded with fat.

If, instead, you turn to a meal of tandoori chicken, a small portion of boiled rice, and half a naan, you would instead be taking on around 400 calories with a low fat count as well, per the Express. The sauce-free dishes are key to sticking to your diet, so chicken tikka, salads, dhal, and non-creamy vegetable curries.

Discover the new age of veggie

Discover the new age of veggie
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Many meat eaters still look down on vegetarian dishes. For some reason, veggie meals still hold a stigma of being bland and unfulfilling. While this may have been true in the early days of vegetarianism in the West, grand vegetarian dishes that are full of flavor have been developed to turn even the staunchest of carnivores.

The vegetarian dishes available for takeaway these days are alive with colors and flavors and are guaranteed to leave you satisfied. You can turn to the healthy alternative foods, as shown by Deliveroo, such as the black bean burger, or something created for the style, such as the spring onion tart.

Vegetable stir-fry dishes have long been a favorite for those dipping into the vegetarian end of the takeaway menu, as have mushroom curries. But, if you do opt for the mushroom curry, be sure to get a non-creamy one. With the absence of meat, you can look forward to low-fat dishes that boast many healthy upsides.

Defy convention and have a Chinese

Defy convention and have a Chinese
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It may come as a revelation to many, but there are healthy dishes on the Chinese takeaway menu. Often seen as the dieting devil because of its many battered and crispy dishes, the Chinese menu holds many diet-friendly dishes tucked away.

It’s best to avoid the battered and crispy items, as well as the special and egg-fried, and the prawn toast and spring rolls. Instead, the NHS says that you should turn to plain boiled rice, crab and corn soup, steamed items like dumplings, vegetables, and fish. On top of this, you can get some Szechuan prawns and chicken chop suey.

So, as you can see, there are many healthy and delicious options on takeaway menus which you can order in. Best of all, you get to put the wok away for the evening while sticking to your diet.

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