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If you’re lost and don’t want to overfeed your body anymore to improve your health and your well-being, starting using a mix of all the nutrients you need seems like the best thing to do.

This puts you in another dilemma: which mix to go with? Vega One or Shakeology? Which one works the best for your needs? Are they just the same and differ by their name/brand? Can you use both?

Shakeology Vs Vega One

Scroll down for a short lesson on Vega One and Shakeology. It may be that the 101 discussions may be a lot of help when you’re choosing.

What are they anyway?

Vega One is loaded with real, organic plant-based ingredients that boost your day, every day, for a more vigorous ability to manage all your activities.

Shakeology is no different, and it’s made with globally sourced superfood ingredients. Full of proteins and fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Shakeology is an excellent option for anyone who lacks the energy for going successfully through all the activities of a day.

Are all shakes the same?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time for eating all the right foods you need throughout the whole day, a shake is the right solution for you. The shakes are various and numerous, but there are three main types of shakes for you to use:

  • The meal replacement shakes. These shakes are made for replacing a meal for the day and to keep hunger away until the next meal. This type of shakes is quite cheap, and the list of ingredients isn’t long at all. Some source of protein and fiber is going to keep you well-nourished with vitamins and minerals. They’re the shakes to use when you’re trying to lose some weight.
  • Protein shakes. If your mind is set to build muscle or to recover after working out, a protein shake is going to help you get back on track from some strenuous workout.
  • Health shakes. This type of shakes is rather new and typically sits on the pricey sides of the shakes. They’re not only supposed to give you a comfortable, healthy snack or meal but also to offer you multiple nutrient groups that you don’t normally get. A healthy shake is going to give you more benefits that a multivitamin and the Nutritional Label is the best way to know the value of your shake.

Both Shakeology and Vega One are health shakes and give you numerous health benefits that meal replacement and protein shakes aren’t able to offer.

Shakeology vs Vega One: Do They Have Same Benefits?

To better understand which, one is better for your needs, it’s wise to get a read of the health benefits of both shakes (or at least the claims on health benefits anyway.).

Vega One

– Give you energy for an active life
– It helps you metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
– It offers the key nutrient bases for your health
– It eases muscle function and heals the connective tissue
– It sustains normal glucose metabolism
– It encourages natural and healthy intestinal flora
– It strengthens your teeth and bones and keeps your skin and eyes healthy
– It helps your immune system


– It reduces hunger and food cravings as it contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals
– It improves your energy level and keeps stress at bay since it’s made with adaptogen herbs
– It sustains the detoxifying of the body and protects it from the damage of free radicals that cause degenerative diseases due to the antioxidants and phytonutrients within the formula
– It helps with digestion and ensures regularity as it contains prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes

Without stating if Vega One is better than Shakeology (or the other way around), it’s obvious that Shakeology is more to the point and provides you all the nutrient groups that one may need.

Shakeology vs Vega One: What are the Ingredients?

As chocolate is a popular model for both shakes, we’re taking a closer look at the ingredients for both.

Whereas Vega One Chocolate is made from natural, whole-food ingredients, Shakeology contains only whole foods as its main ingredients.
Additionally, Vega One is free from dairy, gluten, and soy and has no added sugar, colors, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. On the other hand, Shakeology doesn’t contain dairy, soy, fructose, lactose, added flavors or colors. Long story short, there’s nothing artificial about Shakeology.

Regarding ingredients, both shakes have rice protein, save seed protein and pea protein. They don’t lack the superfoods either (goji, berry, know the drill).

If we’re looking at the numbers, Vega One presents a bit more protein per serving than Shakeology: it’s 20g for Vega the only 17g for Shakeology. Keep that in mind when counting.

Sugar is highly essential, and Vega One surpasses Shakeology as it has only 1 gram of sugar, whereas its opponent has 9grams. If you care about your sugar intake, this makes helps you decide instantly which one to go with, especially if you’re trying to lose some weight.

MSM is another aspect that helps us with joint and muscle pain. Shakeology sets the bar high as it contains 250mg of MSM. If you want to skip your anti-inflammatory medication and get something that helps you after strenuous muscular work, Shakeology is the better choice.

Another ingredient that may help you decide is salt. Vega One has only 30mg of salt, whereas Shakeology presents a surprisingly 150mg content. It’s up to you to decide which salt intake you’re willing to have throughout the day.

Vega OneShakeology
Review LinkVega OneShakeology
ManufacturerDanoneThe Beach Body Company
FlavorsFrench Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry, Chocolate Mint, Plain Unsweetened, Coconut Almond, MochaChocolate, Chocolate Plant-Based, Vanilla, Vanilla Plant-Based, Cafe Latte, Cafe Latte Plant-Based, Strawberry, Tropical Strawberry Plant-Based, Salted Caramel Plant-Based

Price & Servings

PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon


Gluten FreeYesNo
Dairy FreeYesHave Options
Soy FreeYesNo

Macro Nutrition Facts

Saturated Fat0.51
Souce of FatFlax and hemp ingredientsFlax, quinoa
Carbs/Sugar (g)8/118/7
Source of SugarFructoseFructose
Source of ProteinOrganic pea, sunflower seed, organic pumpkin seedWhey protein isolate, yellow pea, chia, flax, quinoa
Artificial SweetnenersNoNo
Artificial FlavorsNoYes
Nutrition LabelVega One Organic French Vanilla Large Nutrition 1280xShakeology Ingredients

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A60%35%
Vitamin C15%200%
Vitamin D50%100%
Vitamin E0%35%
Vitamin B650%50%
Vitamin B1235%50%
Pantothenic Acid35%0%

Shakeology vs Vega One: What About Minerals and Vitamins?

Our body needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy, and our body cannot beat diseases and illnesses without them. Some choose the boost their health with vitamins and minerals, but you don’t need all of that all the time.

Vega One

Vega One contains an essential amount of vitamins and minerals, and it resembles a lot of a multivitamin. The total amount of vitamins and minerals is pretty high, but they’re not all in high doses. This may help with more efficient absorption in the body.


Shakeology lists (the chocolate vegan one) only vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron. This doesn’t mean that this shake doesn’t include other minerals and vitamins. On contrary, the list would be rather long as the shake is made with superfoods. The vitamins and minerals from each drink may vary, and it’s the natural source that counts a lot. The vitamins and minerals in Shakeology are of higher quality since they come from natural sources and the shake is made with every superfood that is known to men.

Shakeology vs Vega One: What About the Carbohydrate Content?

Carbohydrates include numerous nutrients, and it’s important to go over the “total carbohydrates” list. Many of the people who are trying to lose weight are looking to lower the carbohydrates to lose the weight, but carbs are essential for your health and well-being. Carbs give us fast forms of energy that help us control blood sugar levels.

Vega One

The shake is lower in calories than its opponent, so it contains only 11 grams of total carbohydrates. Within the 11 grams of carbs, you have 1 gram of sugar and 6 grams of fiber. You still want some sugar for a better taste, and just 1 gram of it isn’t that dramatic. The 7 grams of fiber is great for helping you feel full once you’re done with the shake. Additionally, it also sustains digestive health for your body.


If you’re paying attention, you’re going to notice that Shakeology includes more carbohydrates than Vega One. One serving of Shakeology contains only 18g of carbs, with 8grams of sugar and 5 grams of fiber. This level of sugar may seem a lot to many, but trust us when we say it helps a lot with the taste.

All in all, the carbohydrate profiles of both shakes are pretty similar, but it may be the Vega One the one taking the lead on this one.

Vega One vs Shakeology: Are the protein contents and quality just the same?

When you’re trying to lose weight, protein content is essential. Able to help you build lean muscle mass, which happens as you’re losing weight, proteins fill your body and keep you full for quite some time.

The secret when you’re trying to lose weight is to take ample protein throughout the whole day, and not high amounts of it at just one meal.

Vega One

Containing a vegan protein blend that includes pea protein, save seed protein, brown rice protein, and hemp seed protein, Vega One stands out with 15 grams of protein per serving. This is quite a reasonable amount of protein, and it’s a well-thought-out combo that gets you through the day without thinking about food all the time.


The protein content for Shakeology is pretty similar and presents 16grams per serving. The quality of the protein of Shakeology is superior though as the combo includes oat protein, rice protein, pea protein. Flaxseed, chia seed, and quinoa seed. This combination is far better, and Shakeology gives amino acids with each serving. Therefore, the Shakeology protein is much higher quality, and you’re getting essential amino acids in every single shake.

Vega One vs Shakeology: Are costs just the same?

Even though you cannot put a price on your health and well-being, shopping on a tight budget may have a big say when you make the final cut. Let’s take a close look at these numbers too:

Vega One

Vega One is seen by many as an affordable and high-quality choice. A 20 serving container is around $70. This means that each serving is around $3.50. Keep in mind that Shakeology comes in 30 servings in a bull package and this means your Vega One would be $105.


Shakeology comes with 30 meals in a package. You’re paying for this around $130. As the business model for Shakeology is slightly different, the monthly costs for your Shakeology are going to stand as a more economical choice than Vega One. The sign-up and the $15 per month are going to give you a 25% discount for Shakeology. In the long run, it’s going to be more affordable to use Shakeology.

Vega One vs Shakeology: the business model fact

If you have a problem with the business model in Shakeology, the entire philosophy may be a deal breaker right from the start for you.

The distributors of Shakeology are always trying to sell their product to win you over. Some may feel it’s like a multi-level marketing system. Even though this has nothing to do with the quality of the Shakeology, it may set things straight right from the start and make you turn to Vega One.

Vega One vs Shakeology: TL; DR

There are many good things about each of these shakes and here is a shortlist of pros and cons for each of them. Maybe scrolling down the lists is going to be a lot of help when making the final call.

Vega One


  • Affordable
  • Offers Omega 3 combo
  • Comes in attractive flavors


  • Not everyone goes for the taste
  • It doesn’t contain adaptogens
  • It doesn’t include superfoods



  • One may feel it tastes better
  • It includes multiple nutrition groups
  • It’s based on Non-GMO foods
  • It comes in 7 flavors


  • As for the big cons, many think that Shakeology only comes with one big fat downside: the higher price.

What’s our verdict?

Using a health shake means you’re one step closer to a healthier body and stronger well-being. If the price tag is the last thing you’re checking when shopping and you like becoming faithful to one product, Shakeology may be the natural choice for you.

If you’re not ready to commit and would like to try all your options before deciding, you should go instead with Vega One. After all, it may suit better your needs and your wallet.

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