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Shakeology nutrients are blended in five proprietary packs each promoting one particular metabolic function of human body. Shakeology prices are on the higher side as compared to other identical diet products. Health conscious people around the world are showing a keen interest to understand why is Shakeology so expensive, and therefore I will try to reveal as much details below.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a shake developed by Beachbody LLP, as a substitute for a meal and it isvery nutritious. Its prime objective is to develop a healthy lifestyle in an individual by promoting weight reduction and muscle growth, enhancing digestive health and ensuring high energy levels.

These shakes are marketed in powdered form and come in five delicious flavors namely Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Latte and Green Berry. The major ingredients of Shakeology are Whey Protein, Pea Protein, Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Coconut flower nectar, and Maca root while other things constitute small proportion.

Since Shakeology is a blend of certain protein and special material and has ensuredtremendous medical and health benefits to humans, a holistic approach and detailedinformation on various aspects of the topic will help in better understanding of the fact, that why it is so expensive and still people do not mind paying for the same.

These aspects are discussed as under:

1) Shakeology is Not a Normal Protein

It is not just only protein but much more. It is highly nutrient and acts as a total meal substitute. Its nutritional value can be compared to few plates of Salad as well. Its intake favorably reduces your calorie intake without affecting the daily nutritional value of your food.

2) No Artificial Ingredients

Shakelogy carries no artificial Sweetener, Coy, Colour, Stimulant or flavor. The only sweetener present namely Stevia has plant origin. Hence Shakeology cannot be compared with routine foods containing carbohydrate and fats.

3) Shakeology is a Full Meal in itself

As compared to many types of processed food available in the market, Shakeology is a full meal. The ingredients are imported from the countries which produce them. The other processes involved in preserving, drying and grounding the blends are also tedious and time-consuming, thus adding to the cost. To maintain the food value and nutritional value of food and to prevent it’s burning off, a careful heating and controlled mechanism are followed which is done 70 times, unlike routine food. Hence cost factors add in.

For more details about Shakeology you can forward to my full Shakeology review.

What Makes Shakeology Expensive: The Benefits

Brings New Energy

  • Increases energy levels.
  • Makes your fitness program efficient.
  • Makes life enjoyable.

Makes you Healthy

  • Weight loss by implementing 3 day Shakeology cleanse program
  • Decreases ​​​​​your Junk food intake.
  • Enhances Body Digestion and Regularity.
  • Makes you happier.
  • A healthy way of Losing weight- no deficiency of Nutrients.
  • kYou will feel fuller for enhanced durations.

Tastes Delicious

  • Twin Benefit of weight loss and tasty recipe.

Healthy Body

  • Promotes Digestion.
  • Strong Intestinal Tract.
  • Fast absorption of Nutrients

What Makes Shakeology Expensive: The Drawbacks

Presence of lead

A Dr. Oz report recently publicized the fact that Shakeology contains lead levels that are rather high. Various Beach body distributors will inform you that the lead is natural and found in plants. Naturally, that is not true, as you will never find lead in plants unless it is caused by farming practices that lead to its presence. As such, Shakeology manufacturers have a major issue concerning testing ingredients.

Testing of lead faulty

The testing of lead by Shakeology producers was done on a previous product known as Greenberry. However, if this is the case, you do not need to pay such a high price for a product that is poorly tested. The so-called “premium” ingredients are a fallacy. You should not have to pay extra money to ingest lead into your system while assuming that you are improving your body and health using Shakeology.

Marketing and price

First, Shakeology has numerous distributors whose main concern is pushing the product. Naturally, it is not that the product is not up to standards, it is just that it is overpriced.

You get to buy a lifestyle as opposed to a fitness product. The marketers of this product will make you feel as though you are buying something that has more value compared to other similar products in the market.

Therefore, if you seek a placebo effect for what you are using presently, then Shakeology may be the product for you. However, you will find that you can get the same nutrient value from other products and save as much as 60% on the price.

Are there any less expensive Shakeology alternatives?

If you find Shakeology so expensive you can’t afford it, but you would like to same or similar benefits from meal replacement shake or protein shake then visit my post in which I reveal the best Shakeology alternatives.

Shakeology Special Ingredients and Their Benefits for Humans

The Critical Shakeology nutrients when blended together and consumed, bring the maximum benefit to you. Their unique combination results in 5 proprietary blends in any shake which are as below:

1) Protein Blend

Proteins are essential for your body to repair body tissues and for building muscles. This process helps in burning body fat and consuming calories, which keeps you lean and thin. Body fat decreases and muscles build up. Whey Protein which is a natural protein and is an essential constituent of Shakeology contains a balanced amount of amino acids and helps in promoting digestion.

2) Super Fruit and Anti-Oxidant blend

Off late antioxidants are becoming very popular as natural food essential for health as these enhance your general health, guards against the bad effects of stress on your body, helps in fighting some types of cancer and prevents many chronic diseases, which have become prevalent because of modern day life. The research is still on in this field and the results of these will finally tell us about the exact extent of benefits as it has some harmful effects associated as well.

3) Super Green Blend

Spirulina a plant extracted Supergreen blend fights cancer, boosts your body immunity, helps lowering cholesterol levels and reduces obesity. Kale is another plant in this category which carries vitamins, minerals and fiber and antioxidants with very low calories a perfect match for the health requirement of human body.

4) Adaptogen Blend

These are plants and fungi driven and are used in medicines. These lessen stress and mental exhaustion and improve focus and concentration. Maca which is primarily grown in Peru boosts sexual health and enhances memory.

5) Probiotic Digestive Enzyme Blend

These help in food digestion and fights germs and helps in curing diarrhea infections and other Gastro issues.

All these supplements are derived from rare sources produced in different parts of the world and hence makes the Shakeology expensive.

Top 2 Value for Money Shakeology products On Amazon

1) Beachbody’s -3 Day Refresh with Chocolate Shakeology

This is a specially designed product that helps speedy weight loss, promotes healthy eating and detoxifies from bad eating habits. The program is simply designed, helps in cleaning your body, so that you feel fresh. It does not starve you and keeps the supply of nutrients to your body intact and simultaneously helps in reducing weight.

Shakeology Bags

2) Shakeology Chocolate 30 Servings (Bulk) in a bag

This ensures your daily requirement of essential nutrients. It is highly delicious. It boosts your energy level and reduces junk food cravings. It maintains body weight and regulates the immune system. It carries over 70 ingredients collected from around the world which includes super proteins, super fruits, super greens, and antioxidants. This chocolate tastes sweet and every bag contains quantity sufficient for 30 days use.


For more details about best places to buy Shakeology from, checkout my post here.

Are there any other comparable options to Shakeology?

Absolutely yes. There are many meal replacement shakes that can compare to Shakeology. But you must be aware that there will always be a scam solutions as well.

I have picked the most popular and comparable shakes and have compared them with Shakeology:


Shakeology Protein drinks are a marvelous product for losing weight. These foods burn body calories but maintain nutrient supplies, thus giving fulfilling effect and reduces craving for junk food. These have a lot of medical benefits to you, like weight loss, increasing energy levels, enhanced immunity system, increased digestion and cure for many diseases.

Since there are no artificial additions of ingredients and most supplements are plant-based, which are grown in different parts of the world and are minutely processed to preserve the food value of the supplements, no wonder Shakeology Food is expensive, as compared to traditional food. However cost-benefit analysis, favor the extensive use of these products as benefits outweigh the cost part.

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