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Weight loss is something we hear a lot these days, and we get to the point of frustration and confusion altogether as there are so many choices, and yet, we don’t even know where to begin.

The competing opinions, the marketing, and reviews are there to the rescue, but they also put us in a pickle: how to choose? Which one is the best for us? Which one does indeed what it says?

Two of the most popular choices out there, 310 Shake and Shakeology, come face to face and only going through the details, side by side, is going to be helpful when making the final choice. Their popularity may speak volumes to some, but you need the whole picture to commit to one.

Let’s talk basics: what is a replacement meal anyway?

We need to go back in time and see what is truly the whole meal replacement all about. Meal replacements are typically shakes or smoothies, but they may also come as a bar or a drink. Hell, they even come as a clear broth or light soup, so the options are plenty various.

The meal replacements (shakes, in this case) are made to give you all the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and calories you need to replace a solid food.

Professional trainers, nutritionists, and even doctors tell us about meal replacement when trying to get back in shape and cleanse our bodies a bit. Not only the meal replacements are going to give your nutrition a good start, but they’re also a healthy option for you to lose weight.

It’s quite common to begin by replacing the three meals a day with a shake. As you start losing the weight, you’re going to be able to get down to only two, then one, and eventually go back to the solid food once you’re able to hold on to your ideal weight.

Some like to go with one meal replacement a day for a very long time to stay on that ideal weight, but they also need to make sure they’re getting all the fibers, vitamins, and minerals they need instead.

310 Shake and Shakeology are both meal replacements that come as shakes, and they keep hunger and cravings at a distance for a long time. As they’re similar and different, at the same time, you must scroll down for the details so that you do make the right choice for your needs, body, and, why not, wallet too.

What is the 310 Shake?

310 Shake is a popular meal replacement shake that helps you get in shape and keeps you healthy at the same time. It’s a reliable alternative to Shakeology that doesn’t include any filler, chemical additives, or allergens.

In a nutshell, 310 Shake is a healthy protein shake that puts your hunger and cravings under control and gives your body the protein and fibers it needs.

310 Shake

Is Shakeology any different?

Marketed by Beachbody, Shakeology is a nutrient-dense shake that keeps you satisfied and full while removing toxins from your body. It sustains your efforts to lose weight and gives you an energy boost.

It’s also able to help you focus and to maintain a balanced blood sugar level. Not only Shakeology helps you get back in shape, but it also takes good care of your health with cleanse & detox programs.

For detailed information, check out my Shakeology review.


What are the tricks behind 310 Shake?

310 Shake uses a Tri-Plex protein profile which can control your appetite for up to 4 straight hours. The amazing protein blend of the shake includes protein concentrate, pea protein, milk protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and Fibersol 2.

Tri Plex Protein Profile

If you don’t know by now, they are all fundamental elements to keep you healthy and satiated for a long time.

Thanks to the Tri-plex protein profile, 310 Shake can slow down your brain’s ghrelin process. This is a particular hormone that is related to hunger and craving symptoms.

Additionally, Fibersol 2 is an important prebiotic that blocks your brain from craving unhealthy snacks. Combine the two effective hunger blocking ingredients with the rest of the fast-absorbing proteins within the formula, and you get an effective and healthy method to lose weight.

Does Shakeology work differently?

Loaded with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, Shakeology keeps you full for many hours. The diversity and power of the ingredients in Shakeology will satisfy your nutritional needs, eliminating your desire for any snacks or soda between the shakes.

Shakeology is created for the long hours between the main meals when you need a snack, and you cannot get hunger out of your mind. Using Shakeology is a lot healthier and better for your body than going through your kitchen after some cookies, chips, or other junk food that you can find there. Additionally, some noted that even specific flavors are more effective for keeping cravings under control.

The main reason for that? The minerals, vitamins, and all the nutrients within the formula put hunger under control.

How does the ingredient profile of 310 Shake looks like?

First thing first, both shakes include plenty of ingredients that come from various plants and herbs. They also contain healthy and well-rounded ingredients like proteins, enzymes, and probiotics.

Here are the 3 main categories of ingredients in 310 Shake:

  • Vitamins and minerals. The shake keeps your body healthy and slim as it contains magnesium, Vitamin A, and E, but also calcium and potassium
  • Probiotics. They make the shake a lot healthier for your body. The shake is also going to strengthen your immune system, not only keep you nourished and healthy.
  • 310 Greens Blend. The shake includes various nutrients from strong superfoods such as beet juice, pomegranate extract, organic broccoli, kale, spirulina, and so on.
310 Shake Nutritional Facts
Click to Zoom 310 Shake Nutritional Facts

What are the ingredients for Shakeology?

The nutritional powder of Shakeology is made with superfoods gathered from around the world, and the high quality of the ingredients is quite impressive.

Here are the main categories of ingredients for Shakeology:

  • Adaptogen herbs. These are the elements that will help your body adjust and react to stress, sustaining your body’s efforts to handle the negative impact of stress.
  • Fiber and proteins. They are the ingredients that control hunger and cravings.
  • Prebiotics, probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes. These ingredients boost nutrient absorption and make sure your digestion is healthy and well-balanced.
  • Antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients. They are all helping your body put the free radicals under control, supporting a healthier and stronger immune system.
Shakeology Nutritional Facts
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310 Shake vs. Shakeology – Side by side nutrition comparison

It’s important to go side by side when comparing 310 Shake and Shaekology, through the calories, fat, and everything there is to know about the two shakes.

310 Shake Shakeology
Calories 90 160
Sugar 0g 7g
Fat 1.5g 2.5g
Protein 15g 17g
Carbohydrates 7g 17g
Fiber 5g 6g
Cholesterol 0mg 5mg
Taste Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Chai, Salted Caramel, Mocha, Whey Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cafe Latte, Greenberry
Price Check Price Check Price


One serving of 310 Shake is 90 calories, whereas Shakeology presents a higher level of 160 calories. One may think that these numbers alone will turn 310 Shake into a winner, but a closer look could make you beg the difference.

Calories may be misleading, especially if one product presents a shallow level of calories. The calories that come from are also important, and the source may be some hidden fats, high sugar levels, or some harmful ingredients that compromise healthy weight loss. So take the low-calorie content of 310. Shake with a grain of salt.

Winner: Shakeology


The sugar level is important when you’re trying to lose weight. Hidden sugar is one tricky ingredient that may put you off track when getting back in shape.

Shakeology has 6-7 grams of sugar per serving, whereas 310 Shake has none of it as it is 100% sugar-free.

Winner: 310 Shake


310 Shake has 1.5 grams of fat per serving, but Shakeology doesn’t look bad either with its 2.5 grams of fat. You may say it’s double of fat for serving in the case of Shakeology, but it’s not a dramatic amount if you don’t struggle with much weight to lose.

However, when you’re adding up the quantities, you’re going to get to 84 grams of fat each month for Shakeology, and you don’t want that when you’re trying to get rid of some weight.

Winner: 310 Shake


Protein is essential for your diet, and Shakeology has 17 grams of protein per serving, as opposed to 15 grams in the case of 310 Shake.

The type of protein sure counts, though, and 310 Shake takes the lead with the tri-plex proprietary blend of protein. This is, in fact, a combo of three plant-based proteins that work together for losing weight. Shakeology cannot do that and any other meal replacement, to be fair and square.

The Tri-plex blend includes a combination of pea, hemp protein, and brown rice. Hemp presents a high level of fiber, so it makes you feel full for a long time while supporting digestion and overall intestinal health. Including mostly protein, hemp is difficult to burn, raising your metabolism.

On the other hand, brown rice protein doesn’t count many calories and fat, and it’s a winning ingredient for weight loss. It’s effective for controlling spikes in blood sugar as it has a low glycemic index. As for the pea protein, we know it reduces cravings and helps build muscle and burn belly fat faster than other proteins can.

Winner: 310 Shake for quality of protein, Shakeology for the quantity of protein


You always need to exercise more if you’re trying to burn off carbohydrates. Our bodies can turn carbohydrates into stored energy, which is why we have to work out more to burn carbs.

The Shakeology shake has 17 grams of carbohydrates per serving, whereas 310 Shake makes a better impression with its 7 grams. The fewer the stored carbohydrates, the more difficult it will be for you to burn down the calories.

The Shakeology shake has 14grams of carbohydrates per serving, whereas 310 Shake makes a better impression with its 7 grams. The fewer the stored carbohydrates, the more difficult it will be for you to burn down the calories.

Winner: 310 Shake


Fiber is fundamental when you’re struggling to lose some pounds. A diet high in fiber is good for keeping diabetes and heart diseases at bay while keeping you slim and fit at the same time. Shakeology has 6 grams of fiber, whereas 310 Shake has 5 grams.

Winner: Shakeology


If you’re trying to stay healthy, low cholesterol is always something you want to achieve. High cholesterol may cause the hardening of your arteries, which raises the risk for stroke, heart attack, and other various coronary artery diseases. When you’re overweight, the risk for high cholesterol is also high, so it makes sense that you need to have low cholesterol.

The Shakeology shake has 5mg of cholesterol, whereas the 310 Shake has zero. 310 Shake takes the lead, once again surpassing Shakeology on so many levels.

Winner: 310 Shake

310 Shake vs. Shakeology – How do they taste?

Well, this may be one part when Shakeology may win over 310 Shake as many customers didn’t go at all for the taste of 310 Shake. Truth be told, when you’re trying to lose weight and stay healthy at the same time, something’s got to give so that the taste may be that thing for the 310 Shake.

Think of it this way: 310 Shake is 100% sugar-free, so what counts for you the most? 310 Shake is a great choice for diabetics or in case you don’t want unhealthy foods. However, 310 Shake does offer you a nice variety of flavors: Vanilla Chai, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel.

On the other hand, Shakeology is really appreciated for its taste. Vanilla and chocolate flavors seem to rule out there, and they’re tasty enough to be considered treats or desserts. However, some noted a weird aftertaste, which is easy to overcome.

Nevertheless, you can always combine your Shakeology with nuts, fruits, or all sorts of milk types to improve your shake’s flavor.

Not only Shakeology offers you options for vegans, but it also gives a nice variety of flavors: tropical strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, green berry, café latte, and strawberry.

Winner: Shakeology

310 Shake vs. Shakeology – Are they easy to use/mix?

You only need to combine one scoop of 310 Shake with 8-10 ounces of water. You can give it a fresh vibe with some ice, and add some fruits, nuts, or veggies isn’t a bad idea at all. Let’s not forget its taste isn’t one of its strengths.

Shakeology is also easy to prepare, and you need one scoop of the powder to 8-10 ounces of water or any other drink you like. Don’t hesitate to get creative and also include some fruits or nuts in it.

Winner: Equal

310 Shake vs. Shakeology – How much do you have to pay for any of them?

310 Shake takes the lead once again as it comes in bags of 28 servings priced a bit under $70. It’s around $2.50 per serving, and 310 Shake becomes an affordable and healthy meal replacement any given day

One serving of Shakeology will be around $4, and you also need at least one month-long supply, having you pay around $130 or so. This makes Shakeology one of the most expensive meal replacement shakes in the market. Check out my post to learn are best places to buy Shakeology from.

Standing out from the crowd as a healthy and quite a premium meal replacement, Shakeology does have its fans, and you do invest a good amount of time. Winner: 310 Shake

Shakeology vs. 310 Shake – Who wins at the end?

More affordable and surpassing Shakeology on many levels, 310 Shake seems to be winning the contest fair and square. However, if you’re not willing to compromise on the taste and some other parts, too, you can totally leap of faith with Shakeology.

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