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So, are you worried about meal replacement shakes for children, and do you wonder if they are the right meal choice for your children?

Look no more. Just read my research below, and you will know if meal replacement shakes are good for your kids.​

Parents, especially mothers, often experience the dilemma of needing to make them eat healthy food choices. At the same time, several easy-to-prepare meals are low in nutrients and protein available.

The busy lives of parents often hinder them from providing for the healthful needs of their children.

True to its sense, now more than ever, this problem affects every family and every child. Lower nutritional intake among children could stumper their general growth patterns.

Parents who often opt o pick the easy way out from this problem by picking junk food over nutritious choices might not be able to change the course of their children’s attitude towards food later on.​

Top Meal Replacement Shakes for Kids & Teenagers

Here is the top 3 choice you can get for your kids safe & sound. All meal shakes compared in below table:

KidzShake PowderPediaSure ShakeOrgain Kids Organic Shake
Product imageKidz ShakePediasure Nutrition ShakeOrgain Kids Nutritional Shake
ManufacturerKidzShakePediasure BaseOrgain
PriceCheck price on AmazonCheck price on AmazonCheck price on Amazon
FlavorsChocolate, Chocolate Vegan, Strawberry, VanillaBerry, Chocolate, S'mores, Strawberry, VanillaStrawberry, Vanilla

Price & Servings



Gluten FreeYesYesYes
Dairy FreeNoNoNo
Soy FreeYesNoYes

Macro Nutrition Facts

Fat (g)1.597
Saturated Fat (g)0.51.51
Souce of Fatkrill oilcanola oil, corn oil, tuna oil, sunflower oil
Carbs/Sugar (g)7.5/033/1423/9
Source of Sugarno sugarsugarcane sugar
Fiber (g)2.515
Protein (g)1078
Source of Proteinwhey protein, milk proteinsoy protein, milk proteinmilk protein, when protein
Artificial SweetnenersNoNo
Artificial FlavorsNoYes

Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamin A50%15%15%
Vitamin C250%25%25%
Vitamin D20%30%25%
Vitamin E60%20%20%
Vitamin B650%20%20%
Vitamin B1262%20%25%
Folic Acid37.5%15%25%

And here are my detailed reviews about each of them if you want to know exactly why they will be good for your children.​

Review: KidzShake – Nutritional Shake Review

According to those who have tried it, the product is something their children willingly take. There are even times when their children would be the ones to request this shake for a snack or as part of their breakfast before they go to school.
Kidz Shake
But what is the Kidz shake meal about? What are its contents, and just how healthy is this particular shake?

This all-in-one nutritional product for children is doctor-approved. Nutritionists find it to be among the top products available in the market for kids to provide them ample nutrition based on the daily intake measure. Consisting of healthy calories, this shake aids in providing the young ones a better source of nutrition apart from other easy-to-prepare meals.​

Parents specifically like the idea of having to prepare it easy and not have the need to be strongly concerned if they are providing the children what they need.

Kidz shake meal replacement is something that contains everything that young ones need. With 16 servings of protein and complete multivitamin resources specifically directed to children’s growth needs, this drink is highly effective in providing as much health support young ones need. Apart from protein and multivitamins, the shake also has probiotics, Omega 3s, and digestive enzymes that improve the function of the different systems in the child’s body. A fiber-rich drink like Kidz shake can make it easier for the body to absorb all the different vitamins that the shake contains.
Kidz Shake Ingredients
Also important to mention is that this shake drink for kids can provide the health needs of young individuals with specific dietary needs. It is natural and has no GMO –defined ingredients; it has no fillers and no dyes. Gluten, nuts, and dyes are kept out from the list of ingredients used in the production of this shake.

Formulated to support the immune system of a young child and strengthen the capacity of the body to face the different dangers of having to deal with general health disturbances as they go out to play or go to school and mingle with others.

The best thing about this shake is that it provides a more competent source of development for the child and a much easier and better option for parents to feed their children with the nutrition they need. Everyone is supported properly through this meal replacement drink; choosing it would not be merely an escape from having to prepare healthy meals. Instead, it is a better option for increasing the capacity of children to fight off disturbing health conditions now and later on. It is a healthy add-on to what meals the children already eat.​

Review: PediaSure Nutrition Shake Review​

Making sure that my kids get the right nutrition is essential to me. Sometimes, they can be especially picky eaters and end up not eating the vegetables and protein they need to support their growing bodies.
Pediasure Nutrition Shake
I started looking for something that they would like that would supplement their nutrition, and that’s how I found PediaSure’s Grow and Gain meal replacement shake for kids. I felt like I hit the jackpot.

Finally, I had something that would give me peace of mind about my kid’s nutrition. I never want to force them to eat anything, but I wanted them also to get the nutrition they needed to go. Thankfully, they love PediaSure’s Grow and Gain, and I feel so much better about their picky eating now.

Pediasure Nutrition Shake Ingredients

  • Each shake has 7 grams of protein and 25 different vitamins and minerals.
  • They come in a resealable, plastic container because, more often than not, kids set things down before finishing them, especially my kids.
  • They are also gluten-free, kosher, and suitable for kids who are lactose intolerant.
  • It also has all of the essential vitamins for growing kids, like Vitamin A, C, D, and E.
  • This meal replacement shake for kids comes in five flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, and berry. We always keep the chocolate and strawberry in my house because that’s what my kids like the best.


I think there are some major benefits for PediaSure’s Grow and Gain.

  • The fact that it has 7 grams of protein means that I can easily fill some of the gaps in my kids’ diets and the 25 vitamins and minerals let me know for sure that they are getting what they need to grow healthy and strong.
  • Having the shakes good for lactose intolerant kids is important too. My youngest has little sensitivity to milk, but he can drink these without feeling “yucky,” as he puts it.
  • You can also make amazing shakes with this. A favorite in our house is a chocolate banana shake. I throw a banana in the blender with the chocolate PediaSure Grow and Gain, add a little ice, and blend. My kids think it’s a milkshake and have no idea how good it is for them!


As far as cons go, we didn’t find any in my house. Although, I have had other parents mention that their kids don’t like the flavor. Originally, I was hesitant about the sugar content, but it was recently reduced from 18 grams of sugar to 12 grams for Vanilla, Berry, Strawberry, and Banana. They also reduced the sugar in the Chocolate from 24 grams to 14 grams. That alone was enough to encourage me to try them as a meal replacement shake for my kids.


Overall, I am so happy that I found PediaSure Grow and Gain. They have made such a positive impact on my kids’ health and weight. I have been slowly getting them to try more and more new food, so they are getting a little less picky, but I will keep this as a part of their diet to make sure that they are getting enough vitamins and minerals. I recommend trying these for your kids!

Review: Orgain Kids Protein Nutritional Shake ​

Getting my kids to eat enough nutritious food was becoming a challenge.
Orgain Kids Nutritional Shake
I knew that they were picky eaters, but I noticed that there were some seriously concerning gaps in their diet.

I started to look for a meal replacement shake for kids that would supplement their diet. I wanted something organic that had both protein and vitamins, and minerals.

Thankfully, I finally found Orgain Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I knew I could feel good giving it to my kids to supplement their diet.


  • Orgain Kids Protein Shakes have 8 grams of protein and 21 vital vitamins and minerals.
  • What makes it unique from other shakes I’ve seen is that it has a fruit and veggies blend in each shake. While my kids are good with eating fruit, trying to get them to eat their vegetables can require a herculean effort on my part with a fair amount of pleading/bribing.
  • This meal replacement shake for kids lets me worry a little bit less about making sure they eat all of their peas at dinner because I know they can get the nutrition from it in Orgain.


For my family, Orgain has some incredibly amazing positives.
Orgain Kids Nutritional Shake Ingredients

  • They are gluten-free, soy-free, and free of artificial preservatives and flavors.
  • My daughter has what we think is a little bit of gluten sensitivity, so we are trying to reduce its amount in our diet for her.
  • It can be difficult to find a meal replacement shake for kids that is totally gluten-free, but Orgain delivers.
  • Even better is that my kids love it! Strawberry and chocolate are favorites in our house, and we always keep them on hand for an after-school snack. My kids love how they kind of taste like a milkshake, and I love that they get so many vitamins from them!


On the cons side, I don’t have any for my family. We love it in our house, and they have helped out kids stay healthy. However, one of my daughter’s friends was visiting and tried one. She said that she didn’t like the taste. I think it is because it tastes a little like non-fat milk with flavoring in it. But that has not stopped my kids from enjoying it. I have never heard one complaint from my two girls. We try to stay away from full-fat milk, though, so my girls may be just used to milk-like products tasting similar to what Orgain tastes like.


All in all, Orgain Kids Protein Shakes have been an absolute lifesaver for my family. We have been delighted with how much our girls like them, and it seems like they have so much more energy now. I think that adding these to their diet has improved their health. If you are looking for a good way to add some protein into your kids’ diets as getting them more fruits and veggies, I highly recommend giving Orgain and shot. It could make all the difference for your kids too!

Common Meal Supplement’s for Kids FAQ’s

What is the best nutrition shake for kids?

The best nutrition shake for kids varies greatly depending on essential core nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins your child may be lacking or slightly deficient

If your child has food allergies, such as lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance, or vegetarian/vegan, they are good at making up the loss of calcium, protein, and vitamins prominently sourced from foods that are not part of their daily meals. Whenever possible, try to find and buy shakes that are non-GMO and include a base of
whole, raw foods such as probiotic yogurt, milk, almond or peanut butter, avocados, chia seeds, and fresh seasonal fruits.

For an in-depth review of Nutri Inspector’s top picks, please refer to the comparison table above.

At what age can a child start drinking protein shakes?

RDI protein levels vary according to different age groups in children- However, as a general estimate and rule, protein should make up between 15-20% of a child’s daily
calories. Girls were aged 14-18 years, 46grams of protein. For boys aged 14-18 years, 52grams of protein is the daily recommendation. Older, more active children engaged in sports and athletics can start drinking protein shakes, For example, teenagers. Please always read the label descriptions when deciding if protein shakes are right for your kids.

How many meal replacement drinks can a child drink per day?

Between 1 to 2 per day. Breakfast is an ideal time to drink a meal replacement shake, as it’s quick and good to have on the go, providing extra energy and nutrients. Add them to have with your regular daily meals if and when required. These should include raw whole foods.

What happens if a child does not get enough protein, carbs, and fat?

If a child does not get enough protein, it can lead to lowered immunity, fatigue, increased risk of bone fractures, poor concentration, and muscle cramping.
Not getting enough carbohydrates can cause blood sugar levels to drop; your child may become lethargic and have a loss of energy. Whilst not getting enough fat, especially monounsaturated fat, can result in a decrease in good cholesterol. Good cholesterol is vital for keeping the heart healthy!

Can shakes help kids gain weight?

Yes! High-calorie shakes such as fruit smoothies and calcium-rich dairy-based shakes can help kids gain weight. Full-fat milk, yogurt, eggs, and peanut butter are among good protein sources to help gain weight.

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