Gluten-Free Meal Replacement Shakes

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If you are intolerant to gluten, you surely close watch the ingredient lists of each meal, looking for the allergen list.

Many meal replacements shake producers in the market today, but not all of them make totally gluten-free meal replacement shakes.

Gluten-free meal replacements could be your time savior​s and quality nutrition sources if you pick the right one.

Top Gluten-Free Meal Replacement Shakes

Gluten-Free ShakeCaloriesProtein (g)Carbs (g)Sugar (g)Fat (g)
Visalus Vi-Shape Shake9012711
Amazing Grass Green SuperFood302410

I have conducted the research, and I am showing the best gluten-free meal replacement shakes along with their reviews below:​

IdealShake by IdealShape Shake – Best Gluten-Free Shake Award

Idealshake By IdealshapeIdealshake is a meal replacement shake by Idealshape, a nutrition company.

They come in 3 sizes – 20 servings, 30 servings, and 60 servings. If you want to try out the flavors, go for 20 servings variety packets.

The shakes taste best when mixed in smoothies with a complementary flavor. There have been days when I have gulped them down with water as I ran to catch the bus in time. Amazingly, they taste good with a simple blend of water too!

The product comes in bottles of 30 servings each, enough to last one month.
Idealshake Gluten Free Ingredients
On why it is perfect for women

I realize why Idealshake enamored my doctor. It has several vitamins, all-whey protein, only up to 2g sugar, and 110 calories to help you sail through the day with élan! The unblended protein is easily absorbed into the system. Idealshake also improves your digestion as it has essential fibers.

What’s more, your tummy is full for up to 3 hours!

Idealshake is especially ideal for women because they require pure protein, less or no carbs, and zero sugar in their regular diets.

Visalus Vi-Shape Meal Replacement Review

Visalus Vi Shape Gluten Free ShakeThe ViSalus Vi-Shape is an innovative meal replacement product for people who want to get fit, be more active, or lose weight. Thanks to its great taste and unbeatable combination of great nutrition, the ViSalus Vi-Shape is the foundation of the Vi Challenge Kit.

The delicious ViSalus Vi-Shape Meal Replacement tastes amazing. Coming with a Sweet Cream flavor, you can consume it on its own. You can also add one of the company’s flavor mix-ins, such as the fresh fruit flavor. Users can also choose from more than 1,000 community favorite recipes to be found on the website For less than $2 a meal, you can have a healthy, delicious, and fast treat.

Your success in your fitness or weight loss plan is assured with Vi-Shape. The product supports your efforts thanks to its innovative and exclusive formula of Tri-Sorb protein blend. The Vi-Shape meal replacement product is low calorie, low fat, low sugar, low sodium, and low carb.​
Visalus Vi Shape Gluten Free Shake Ingredients
Features & Benefits

  • The Vi-Shape Meal Replacement is a blend of vitamins, proteins, aminogen, pre-biotics, and fiber. It contains only around 90 to 140 calories per 2-scoop serving, and it is meant to be taken 1 to 2 times per day in place of food. It is easy to mix and prepare, and it can be consumed anywhere.
  • The product has been around for about five years and has been developed by ViSalus and has been around for about five years. Your daily caloric intake will be reduced if you use these shakes that curb your appetite. This makes Vi-Shape a great help in your efforts to lose weight. Most people seem to enjoy the taste of this meal replacement, and most of those who try it can see real weight-loss results.

Even if Vi Shape’s promises aren’t backed up by unbiased research or clinical studies, it has been proven that people can lose weight by minimizing their caloric intake. This is the idea behind the Vi-Shape Meal Replacement, and it seems that this product does an excellent job at helping you replace your meals with a shake low in calories.

Pros & Cons

The shakes designed by ViSalus seem to taste pretty good and are easy to mix. The longevity and reputation of the company behind Vi-Shape is another pro to this product. On the downside, there is not much data backing their claims. However, from the reviews and feedback of customers who tried the Vi-Shape Meal Replacement product, it seems that it is really possible to achieve your weight control goals by using these shakes over a longer period of time. A few customers reported some side effects like nausea or feeling hunger and low energy due to the low-calorie content of this meal replacement.


The ViSalus Vi-Shape Meal Replacement could make a great choice if those who want to be more active get fit or lose weight. This shake is tasty and nutritious, delivering you great support in your efforts to achieve a superior body shape.

Rather than taking a diet pill, anyone would prefer a tasty shake. This meal replacement is recommended to health-conscious people, fitness enthusiasts, and those on a weight loss diet. Check the ViSalus Vi-Shape Meal Replacement on Amazon.​

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Review

Amazing Green Grass Superfood Gluten Free ShakeTired of having green vegetables to complete your food nutrients? Get going with Green Superfood.

The Amazing Grass is a company working from 2002 and specializes in making a complete blend of green herbs to supplement your body for the whole day.

The Green Grass Super Food is supposed to provide improved digestion and absorbed nutrients for your body. The formula has been created with spinach, alfalfa, green tea, wheatgrass, barley grass, fruits, vegetables, with nutrient-rich superfood to make your body feel amazing throughout the day.

This mixture of herbs revitalizes your mind and body and gives your day a head start.

With the hectic routines and busy life schedules, our body often lacks the proper nutrients needed for its betterment. Thus, with these problems, many people now a day are incorporating green leaves into their diets.

Whether it may be in their smoothies, juices, salads, or dressing, everyone understands its importance. Thus, the Amazing Grass provides a complete supplement for your body.

If you are worried about the product’s taste, you can switch to the flavor available in it.

Most people don’t prefer green vegetables, but they understand the importance of these things. Green Grass food is made for those people, and it has been proved an effective partner for your body.

What’s Inside?

The product comes with complete packaging for 30 servings, and it promises to support the overall health of your body and supports our immunity system. It also aids in natural digestion and improves the alkalinity in our body.

All these are provided in Green Grass Food and at a reasonable price. It also helps in weight loss. Many people prefer these blends to control their weight. It is a complete nutrient drink to go through your day.

Features & Benefits

  • It is most preferred by the people who like low sugar in their diets; its anti-sugar formula helps in in-taking less and provides more.
  • Reviews show that people prefer their berry and chocolate flavor too.
  • It can be added to your morning tea, smoothies, coffee, and juices.
  • The website also provides certain recipes for taking the product. It can be added to your pies, muffins, shake tacos, etc.
  • Certain people are reporting digestion problems and crappy taste about the product. But it claims to support the immunity system. Other than these two issues, Green Grass has not been reported of any other problems.
  • The taste issue can be solved if the blend is added to your recipes, and the digestion problem can also be solved if the blend is taken with juices or smoothies. Other than that, if some people have extra allergies to the foods, the details provided on the packaging must be read before purchase.

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