Organic Meal Replacement Shakes

Organic food is food produced without any use pesticides, GMOs, fertilizers. Therefore, by eating organic food you can be sure that you are getting the healthiest meals.

Like with any other diet, if you are on organic nutrition, you will probably have problems with enough and on-time nutrient intakes.​ As a best solution organic meal replacement shakes are a must.

Top Organic Meal Replacement Shakes​

Bellow is my list of best organic meal replacements shakes along with their reviews and comparable nutrient values:​

Organic Shake Calories Protein Carbs/

IdealRaw Organic Protein Shake

130 15g 9g/2g 5g

Orgain Organic Protein Drink

250 16g 32/12g 7g

CalNaturale Organic Protein Shake

180 11g 21g/6g 7g

And here are the reviews of my favourite picks from above.

IdealRaw Organic Protein Shake – Best Organic Meal Shake Reward​

Idealraw Organic Protein ShakeHave you heard of ideal raw organic protein powder?

If you haven’t, it is a natural, 100% organic supplement that is designed to provide you with all the things you to need to give your body a power boost without having to resort to dangerous, unhealthy chemicals.

The product comes in bottles of 30 servings each, enough to last one month.

What does the product do for me?

The ideal raw organic protein contains proteins all derived from plant sources that are designed to give your body the power boost it needs to get you through the day.

It contains vitamins that are designed to boost your immune system thereby making you healthier.
Idealraw Organic Protein Shake Ingredients
It also has lots of vitamins that aid your digestion and antioxidants which are designed to improve your mood and make you feel good. Remember all these are completely natural. Even the sweeteners used to make the product taste great are derived from plant sources instead of unhealthy artificial sweeteners.


The Pros of using ideal raw organic protein

  • The product is derived from 100% plant sources making it ideal for vegetarians and vegans.
  • The product provides you with all the required proteins you need to help improve your muscle tone and aid bodybuilding
  • Since the product does not contain any animal products, it is more environmentally friendly than similar products derived from animal protein
  • Not everyone can eat animal protein either for ethical or health reasons. This makes ideal raw organic protein a favorite for people who for various reasons cannot eat meat but want to maintain a healthy level of proteins and vitamins for the proper functioning of their body.Without a healthy balance of proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants in your body, maintaining your energy levels throughout the day becomes difficult.

That is where ideal raw organic protein comes in. The 100% organic nature of the product means vegans can use it without fear.

It is not only a healthy choice for you but also very tasty.

Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake Review

Orgain Organic Protein ShakeOrgain Organic Nutritional Shake is a complete organic nutrition with 21 vitamins and minerals.

It comes in four different flavors so you can choose the flavor you like or try a different one each time: creamy chocolate fudge, sweet vanilla bean, iced cafe mocha and strawberries & cream.

It contains 10 fruits and vegetables, all coming from organic farms. It is gluten free, soy free, non-GMO and suitable for vegetarians.

It doesn’t contain any artificial colors, preservatives or artificial sweeteners.​

The product can be helpful if we want one of the following:

  • Weight management: One meal of 330 ml has under 260 calories. One meal gives us 16g of plant protein which is equal to 35% of our body daily needs.
  • Meal replacement: Our lifestyle and busy schedules often make us to skip a meal – which is not a healthy habit. Our body needs “fuel” to make it through a busy day. This nutritional shake is a good option and you don’t need to spend time to prepare it.
  • Medical needs: As it is possible that we don’t get all the vitamins we need, due to the modern life style, this could be a good vitamin supplement. Of course, as with any supplement, we suggest that you take your doctor’s advice first.

Some other interesting facts about Orgain Organic Nutritional Shake are:

  • It is safe during pregnancy or breast-feeding. It is certified organic which means it has no hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial sweeteners or colors, and GMOs. Again, we recommend that you check with doctor before you consume any supplement.
  • It is suitable for diabetics. It has very low glycemic content and no added sugar. However, as always, you should ask your doctor first.
  • The packaging is BPA free and recyclable. If you care about environment, you will be pleased to know that the Tetra Pak packaging is made from recycled paper, BPA free and is recyclable.
  • You can store it in a cabinet until you open it. After you open it, you need to keep it in your fridge and consume it within 72 hours.

We always suggest that fresh fruits and vegetables are much better for you than any supplement.

To have a balanced diet and to cover all your body needs, you must eat daily many different kinds of fruit and vegetables and pay attention to the vitamins and minerals you get by the end of the day.

This is almost impossible for the modern way of life. The best alternative way to get all your vitamins is to use a good, organic supplement. You can easily see what percentage of the daily needed dosage of each vitamin you consume by checking the ingredient table on the package.

CalNaturale Organic Protein Shake Review

Calnaturale Organic Protein Shake
​Protein is the building block of life. True to its sense, protein has a great role especially in empowering the cells in determining the growth and development of the individual functions of each cell.

However, getting the right amount of protein according to nutritional recommendations is not easy.

This is where fantastic beverages like CalNaturale come in. This beverage has been produced to support health needs of individuals who are always on the go as well as with those who have specific preferences because of food and elemental allergies.

There is no need to worry for those who have allergies with dairy products as well as for those who have diabetes. CalNaturale is gluten and dairy free.

What’s inside?​

The beverages are made from vegetables making it high in nutritional value. CalNaturale is also noted for its balanced protein-to-calorie ratio. The beverage also contains 11 grams of protein and over 20% of the fiber recommended for daily intake. Distinctively, these healthful elements make up the overall value of CalNaturale.
Calnaturale Organic Protein Shake Ingredients
Since protein builds up the cell’s capacity to improve the growth and development of cells, it is just right to note that this beverage would be best for those who are taking gym sessions. It serves as a great pre-workout drink as it sets the mood properly while also setting up the physical capacity you need to face the challenging physical activities that one must undergo.

It also is best for a post workout drink. It provides the cells the capacity to build up and restructure after a tiring workout. The work of protein-rich beverages is to improve the way the body recovers from tiring activities and allow it to immediately regain its strength. CalNaturale makes it easier for one to become more engaged in this restructuring process. With five flavors to choose from, this beverage is a sure fit for anyone wanting a healthy drink.


These refreshing flavors include banana crème, chocolate, French vanilla, cappuccino and spiced chai. All these invigorating flavors make CalNaturale a rather interesting drink for all types of individuals who have specific interests and inkling towards exploring the different taste of a beverage that is made from well selected vegetables.

Low Sugar

CalNaturale is also noted for containing only six grams of sugar making it a safe choice even for those who have diabetes. This beverage is something that everyone could appreciate, a beverage that would fit even the needs of individuals who have specific health cases.

Bottom Line

Both young and old could enjoy this beverage for healthful purposes or just for plain refreshment. No matter what the reason, CalNaturale is a refreshing drink that everyone would enjoy whether on the go, at home or anywhere; it’s a healthful choice that would improve one’s mood and one’s condition effectively.

No one expected a healthful drink to be so tasty; with its interesting flavors and highly healthful value, CalNaturale is surely something to pick up from the shelves and a have a good try of. With good taste comes good health; it’s something CalNaturale promises with that shall assure your satisfaction shall you decide to pick one for yourself today.​

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